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Can I make a difference in 3 days?


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So I had a bit of a naughty weekend, had an old friend round on Saturday and ended up buying pizzas from the supermarket to eat... plus shared a box of chocolate fingers between us....

Then Sunday because my will-power is wearing very thin at the moment I went to Greggs and bought a sausage roll, which was totally horrible and cold but of course I ate it anyway!

Now I have 3 whole days til weigh-in... if I have no syns at all and try and eat speed foods.... will I save myself?!?!?!

I know that drinking lots of water has helped before as it flushes the system in a way...

Has anyone pleaaaase got any tips as to how I can make a difference in 3 days?

Thanks for reading my waffling!!!!
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I can do this............
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I think you have said it all!! I would have suggested all the things you mentioned!! Just eat loads of speed food and try and have just superfree snacks. Im sure you will be fine!

Good luck!


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I don't think it will help hun. You've basically said to your body: "here's some treats, eat up!" so your body has said "ooo thanks very much" and you've lulled it into a false sense of security now you're going to say "now you can't have anything, water and very few calories" and it's going to reply by going "whoa whats going on, quick hold onto everything, keep it in!" It's a (albeit very subtle) binge/starvation cycle and body's don't like it!

I would say just carry on as normal, 1/2 A's and 2 B's (1A and 1B if you do EE) 15 syns and lots of free foods. Lots of speed foods will help though :) If you do gain/STS you will know why and you'll already be well back into plan so don't worry about it.
I'd like to know this too. Ashamed to say 2 bottles of wine and loads of vodka was my down fall this weekend.....


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I don't know whether you can 'save yourself' BUT if you get back on plan right now you will weigh less in 3 days than you would if you give up on the week xx


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S: 14st13lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 24 Loss: 4st0lb(26.79%)
thanks for the tips everyone!!! I've been doing SW for over a year now and have been losing the weight very slowly on purpose...

But at the moment I am sabotaging myself all the time!!! It seems as time goes on my will-power is getting weaker which is rubbish but probably linked in to things going on in my life that have knocked me off kilter over the last 3 months...

Anyway I need to just focus I think and not give in so easily!
have you weighed yourself?
id just stick to the plan properly from now til WI and drink lots of water and lots of speed foods. good luck x


Better drink that water!
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We all have those moments. I heard that EE is similar to SE and both of those may give you a boost in the last few days before WI.

We're very similar in our SW journey - you are where I want to be :) Wll done on your loss - you are so nearly there!!! Our situations do not help us in our weight loss journey. I hope you are ok.


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I don't know whether you can 'save yourself' BUT if you get back on plan right now you will weigh less in 3 days than you would if you give up on the week xx
Very sensible advice!

It's not productive to have a blow-out and then try desperately to claw it back but cutting down. Get back on plan and if the worse comes to the worse you'll know why you've put on. But i do think it is very important to identify why you went off track and plan for what you will do should these circumstances arise again. Otherwise you're just repeating the same cycle.


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I think it all depends on the individual metabolism - but if you eat lots of SF foods you may be successful, good luck with it.
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This thread could have been written by me!!! I had a bad weekend (malteasers, wine and a massive starbucks hot chocolate) :( so i am doing a 3 day 'clear out' eating loads of Super Free foods and doing 1 hr exercise each day, i have only been weighed 3 times and i would be so embarrassed if i put on on the 4th week!! :eek:

Good luck!

Let us know how you get on x
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I was wondering this too. Had a tough Thursday, Friday and Saturday so have been trying to redeem myself since. Weighed today and I am a pound heavier and I really hope it's because I weighed late afternoon and I weigh at SW on Thurs morning. Grrrrr so angry with myself.