can i move to AAM, struggling on week 3


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Hi guys

I've been really struggling to stick with SS done 10 days with LL changed to CD and am on day 16. I spoke to CDC who said to stick with SS and if I really need to to have an extra pack.

Yesterday I had some cooked chicken, above what AAM suggests and felt I'd blown it. Right now I feel that I'm ready to chuck it in because I'm finding it difficult. Do you think moving to AAM today for 1 week and then up to CD790 would help me.

I can't contact CDC today although I've left message on her voicemail. As it is I think AAM is the way forward for tonight if it keeps me on track. I love the fast weight loss but not sure how long I'll stick it if SS.

Thanks in advance for your responses.
I can't answer your question...hopefully a cdc will be along soon. But you've done so well on SS so far, if you can do it for 3 weeks (?), you can do it for one more. It is really hard, but think how well you've done so far, and how much you want to lose weight...
Good luck.
Hi minime

I really struggled for my second week too, but resisted temptation.. only just!!!! For inspiration and to give me something to do other than think about eating, i read some peoples blogs!!

There were people who abstained from food for months and I read their stories and how they dealt with their bad days when they really wanted to eat something. If you go to there is a minimins blog on here and that has links to other peoples blogs, alternatively do a google search for lighterlife diet - check out - this was such a helpful blog and the guy who wrote it inspired me to check this site out.

Good luck

Hi minime - I am on week 5 now and I did AAM in week 3, it was planned as I wa going away. I really enjoyed it and it helped me a lot. Since returning I have not gone totally onto SS. I have had 1-2 diet cokes a day and 3-4 cups of tea with skimmed milk. It has not affected my weight loss at all and made it easier for me to stick to it. We are all different and for me I needed to find what works for me where I can stay in ketosis and still enjoy a few pleasures. I'm donig that and finding it a lot easier rather than giving in. My cdc said I could try 790 for the whole diet and looking at the stats I might do that. On 790 u lose 12-14 lbs a month and on SS around 14lbs. It's up to you to decide what to do and no-one can tell you what will or won't work for you. I was told diet coke will take me out of ketosis, and it hasn't.
Good luck with whatever you chose. It's not an easy road for any of us.
Gemma x
Thanks for your replies guys.

Personally I feel the SS'ing is just too severe for me. I've tried hard to resist AAM but ended up eating a chicken breast which was in fridge. Wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been one of the rotisserie ones from asda.

Have decided I'm going on to AAM tomorrow. Its planned and will help keep me on straight and narrow, my intention is to move onto 790 asap after Saturday when I see CDC. Doing AAM will help me keep on track till then.

Thanks again.