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Can i reheat risotto?

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Im doing risotto from the ee cookbook this week and on the side it said freezer friendly so i should imagine warming up again no problem, is risotto nice??


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Rice has to be cooled quickly then refrigerated asap, then heated so piping hot, then it is safe to eat, bugs grow really fast on rice, faster than chicken but treated correctly you will have no problems

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I regularly heat up rice as Eye6769 suggests and it hasnt done me any harm!


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you can reheat rice just make sure its very hot. make sure its well covered during storage otherwise it dries out.

i dont normally keep cold rice but if i do i usually have it done fried rice style. my old method was frying an onion in butter and a wee drop of oil. add your rice, seasoning and frozen peas if you wanted or any other ingredients. i adored it. so what i do now is just the same way but with fry light, soy sauce
Risotto is one of my firm favourite meals, it takes time to cook but is so worth the effort. Sadly we love it so much that we seldom get left overs but if we do then I always always take it for lunch.
Like the others have said, just heat it until it is scalding hot and all will be well. xx
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Thanks everyone,im not having it tonight but i am going to have it for dinner tomorrow,so i will have to see what is left :)


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Yum - if I have any leftover risotto, which isn't very often, I use it to make stuffed peppers and sprinkle some cheese on the top.
There is a chilli and butternut squash risotto recipe in the SW Comfort Foods book, which is absolutely delicious!

You do have to keep stirring all the time, which is tedious but oh so worth while.

We found that it is better to cook the butternut squash in advance - 5 minutes in the microwave is about right - as it didn't cook right through by the time the rice was cooked (maybe we didn't cut it small enough). Also, we liked it better without the garlic, but that's all a matter of choice.

Leftovers? Don't be silly!


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It's a well known fact that restaurants cook risotto until just cooked then finish them off for 5 mins until they're done if you order one.

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