Can I stay on AAM week?


This is it!
Hi all

I'm really struggling with SS at the moment. I've lost 6 st 4lbs, and I still have 2 st 3lb to go! I did have a couple of things to eat last week, but at least the cheating part has stopped and I finally have some self control back.

This week I have been on AAM week and it's helped to give me something to look forward to. Can I stay on this stage or do I have to go back to SS? I'm just not sure how it will affect my weightloss and I really just want this part to be over now!

Any advise would be welcome

You can stay on AAM but the 790 programme will have the same results and you can have a little more protein and a little more green veg/salad. You can also have 1/2 pint of skimmed milk.

The results are almost the same on 790 and in some cases exactly the same as SS.

You have done so well already with your weightloss your body maybe telling you it justs needs a break and you will be eating without any feelings of guilt and starting to learn how to eat with portion control.

Have a chat with your CDC.

Our situations are very similar Hannah. I've lost 6st 1lb on CD but still have 2st 12lb left to go.

I was getting so bored with soup every night that I started 'nibbling' .... only the odd slice of cooked meat or cube of cheese but nibbling nonetheless.

I decided that I'd move over to 790 because I'd rather eat in a controlled way than nibble in an uncontrolled way - if I carried on in that way then I'd have learned NOTHING from my CD experience.

After almost 7 months on CD, I was starting to feel deprived and once THAT feeling creeps in, you're on a slippery slope.
Anyway, after a dodgy first half of the week 'cheating' on SS, I've done the second half doing 790 properly and have my weigh-in on Monday.

I'm not expecting to lose anything this week because of the wobbly start but then I'm hoping to lose the rest of my weight on 790, even if it's at a slightly slower rate. :)