Can I still lose this week?


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I am so upset :( Last week was my first week and I lost 14lb. My WI is on Thursday night. On Saturday I was really bored and fed up, and angry and annoyed with myself and with other stuff... but anyway, I ended up eating half a pizza. I got straight back on the diet and have actually not been hungry yet since I did it, with shakes and bars only, it feels like I am still in Ketosis though I doubt it after all those carbs.... but is there any way I can still lose some weight by Thursday?? I have so much to lose that surely I can drop a couple of lb :/
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I'm sure you will still lose but maybe not alot. I would imagine that the pizza will have pulled you out of ketosis but it was on sat so by tomorrow or wed i would imagine you will be back in! Don't beat yourself up, we are all only human and we all make mistakes. hth


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Aw hun dont worry, it happens this diet is very hard and i am constantly battling with myself to not eat anything. I have a hell of alot to lose too, we will do it, we can get there hun <3 xxx


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Been there, done that. :D

Depends on the size of the pizza and whether it was Deep Pan or Thin and Crispy... :D :D :D

If it was a small-ish pizza and you didn't eat much of the crust, you may just get away with your blip. I suspect there may be more fat than carbs in half a pizza, so damage to being in ketosis may well be minimal. It's the salt and calorie hit that might make the difference.

Drink lots of water to flush out the salt, maybe go for a long walk to burn off any newly restored glycogen...

... and cross your fingers! :cross:


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Thanks :) It was thin crust and I didn't eat all of the edge bits, but still think it MUST have knocked me out, though I feel fine today and full of energy. I weighed myself on my scales and I've stayed the same, but they are always wrong (they're very old and not electric!) so I don't trust them, I'm sure I've put on a cpl of lbs and just hoping I can knock them back off again by my WI!!!!