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Can I take a 1 a day multi-vitamin on LL

Started doing LL for Men and still exercising 2-3 times a week still. I want to continue to take a ONE A DAY multi-vitamin CAPSULE as I have done for many years whilst on the LL programme (don't be the government RDAs of most vitamins are high enough).

Realise there are many LL counsellers on this forum and wanted to know if this is accepted. The two mullti-vitamins I am tossing up between are:
(A) Seven Seas JointCare Projoint Formula (1 a day capsule)
(B) BioCare Adult Multivitamins & Minerals (1 a day capsule)

Constructive thoughts appreciated.

Thanks Scubadoo
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Hey... Good luck with the programme.

I'm not a LLC but I know we were told not to have any supplements while on the diet... errrm :rolleyes: but wait for a response from a LLC!

So... this help hasn't even helped! :eek: lol


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Hiya, while on any VLCD you dont need any multi vitamins as you are getting all you need from your packs. I;m sure if you ask your counseller they will tell you not to take them at all
Understand the packs provide 100% of RDAs, but I have taken a daily multi for years as I don't believe the government guidelines are HIGH enough. As I believe in taking higher vitamin levels than many of the RDAs my question is how I can do this without putting my LL progress at risk given I am not having an issue with abstinance.


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I think you may have to just call your LLC & ask them, because as far as I know they are not allowed to post on forums, so you are unlikely to receive an answer here from one!

CDCs post actively here, so maybe one of them will see this & answer you...
i have to disagree with most of you, although you 'shouldnt need' any additional nutrients i have to take a suppliment as otherwise i become anaemic on this diet. It is very much down to your body individually. I would talk to your doctor rather than counsellor as they have much more knowledge in this area rather than just the 'LL' guidelines
Yes as always the best person is your GP, take along the LL literature that explains the nutrient levels and ask for his/her advice on whether you need to take further suppliments and what they might be.


Deb G

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Our LLC told us that we don't NEED a multivitamin, but that if we WANT to take one then that is up to us. The tiny amounts of anything in there will not effect ketosis.
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I was told same as Deb G - and I take a multi vit, folic acid and hair and nail supplement. No adverse effects as of yet!

Hi Miss F. Can you tell me is the hair supplement to help keep your hair through the diet, and is it effective? I have often wondered if a hair supp would help my very fine and sometimes fragile hair? A bit concerned about losing it possibly during the diet.....thanks! :)

It's a Boots hair and nail supplement - it's called just that. Wasn't expensive and was in their well woman bit.

My hair is OK but I had noticed that my nails were very weak 4 weeks into LL. They are much improved!
That's interesting about nails - mine have become appallingly weak and flaky. Perhaps I'll invest in some of those suppplements (I'm quite worried about my bones if my nails are this bad).

I know that plenty of people say they've never had better nails, hair, skin etc than on LL as they're getting a better complement of nutrients but I used to take some hefty supplements and I did eat alot of fruit and veg so I've noticed the reverse.

Deb G

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S: 13st10lb C: 13st7lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.56%)
My nails and hair are the best they've ever been - I think its the first time I've ever been nutritionally complete!!!
Ok, I emailed the LL medical people and they said my Seven Seas Joint Care 1 a day Multi Vitamin capsule should be fine. Comment was that it may reduce my level of ketosis, but in terms of calories should be negligible.

Result so far is that taking is not slowing down my weight loss. Does give me a great deal of piece of mind that my joints will be ok.

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