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Can I take a day off?!

Hey everyone!!

Just found out my boyfriend is being made redundant and he wants to take me out for a curry at the end of the month.. It will be our last chance for quite a while to go out!!

I know this is called a TFR diet but just wondered would it be okay just to take one day off at the end of the month?
I don't want to refeed this early just for 1 night out so was hoping to just take one day off?!?!

I know the risks are that I won't lose as much weight that week but as I say this is our last chance for ages to be able to go out like this !! :cry:

Thankyou for reading xx
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I have a reunion this week so I have switched to strict maintenance for the week. Its still 3 shakes but maintenance shakes which are very filling and and are sufficient for you however if you eat on it it is also ok. I have eaten a piece of chicken each day so far and I am still losing weight. Too be honest you couldnt eat any more than that. There is also a bar on maintenance which is nice enough. I dont like the soup I actually prefere tfr soup! I dont like the chocolate whip but the summer fruits and orange creme shakes are amazing and as I said very filling. My reunion is Sunday so I plan to go back to TFR Monday. Its been real nice to have the break actually. Ofcourse it means I am out of ketosis but I dont mind as long as I am still losing :)
Thanks for replying.. I read somewhere that it is bad to drink on LT and will more than likely be having a glass of wine or 2 or 3 or 4 lol :D so have been contemplating just taking that weekend off? I will look into the maintenance products they sound delish!! Just see what my body wants at the time I think lol if you know what I mean:confused::D

Thanks again xx


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I've heard the hangovers are worse when drinking in ketosis, to be honest I occasionally have a drink with out refeeding and I've been fine. It just means a few days to get back in ketosos. Enjoy your night out - you deserve it.
Thankyou to everyone that have replied!!

I have decided I will take 2 days off and make sure I am out of ketosis just to be on the safe side and then get back onto TFR straight after our lovely night out.. Who knows I might even have lost enough weight to buy a smaller pair of jeans and top!!

Thanks again TC xx


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If you are planning on drinking alcohol its v.important that you refeed atleast 1 week before. There is a thread somewhere on here of someones experience of drinking alcohol whilst having not done a proper refeed/still in ketosis .... its not very pretty.

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