Can I take water retention tablets, especially for TOTM?


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Sorry but I have no idea .. didn't want to read and not post!!

I'm sure someone who knows will be along soon!!


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Hi, I didn't want to read and run. I'm not sure of you can take them or not, but I used to take water tablets on perscription and had to stop taking them in order to start the diet.

Sorry, I haven't been any help at all!

Chris. xx

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You must not take any form of diuretics whilst using a VLCD. You get natural diuresis whilst on the diet, if you take a water tablet you will lose too much potassium.

Prescribed diuretics have to be stopped when starting CD.


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Water retention

I'm intrigued by this comment about natural diuretic. I've always suffered from retention but when i first started i noticed quite a change but now i'm drinking water like it's going out of fashion but i also seem to be retaining a lot (swollen ankles) and i'm sure that's not helping weight loss?

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The osmolar diuresis resulting from low carbohydrate content of the diet when combined with that of the medication (diuretics) could give rise to excessive potassium loss and hypotension. Diuretic medication must be discontinued or dosage reduced and potassium supplementation given.

You could be in a plateau during which time you do retain a little fluid when the plateau breaks you will lose the fluid.

If your ankles are really swollen it would be a good idea to see your GP about this. He would need to know that you were on a VLCD though. Your CDC should be able to give you an information for doctors booklet which advises him of the above.



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Hello there,
Yes you are right CD Counsellor you can not take any extra diuretics at all even your GP wont prescribe them if they know your on CD if the swollen ankles etc gets too bad or they are painfull see your practice nurse for advice. It is also dangerous to buy the over the counter water retention tabs so please see your GP or practice nurse for advice.
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