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CAN I????


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drinking on any VLCD can be dangerous so i'm surprised your pharmacist didn't mention this to you. be very careful if you choose to drink and don't overdo it
if you have agreed with your pharmacist to eat before you drink then that is probably why he didn't mention it being dangerous to drink whilst in ketosis - although i'm not sure chicken and salad will bring you out of it. if you really want to drink then the best thing is to stick to vodka or bicardi with a diet mixer - wine and beers are very high in calories. i really wouldn't drink many, you will probably be drunk after about 4 drinks. be careful xx
when i want to go out and have a drink i have both my shakes in the day and have a good tea then go out and have a drink , ketosis is when you are starvin yourself and you only need a bit of food to knock ya out but you can soon get back into it


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So would chicken and salad take you out of ketosis???
thanks for that - what meal did you eat before you went out and what did you drink(sorry for all the questions)

did you get straight back into the shakes in the morning and was you ok x


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last year before i had my daughter I tried to go on a night out about 2 1/2 wks in, needless to say I never got back on track, until now! and that is post baby, I think any drink is not worth it so it doesnt matter which you have if you get me x
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when i went on holiday i had a bit of salad and plenty of chicken/fish and i stayed in ketosis all way through- dont go overboard with the salad- and no dressing! i think you'll stay in ketosis so it's really important you dont drink anything!


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S: 10st13lb C: 9st12lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 1st1lb(9.8%)
it really depends on how much salad you eat and how sensitive your body is. don't be getting any ideas about eating! lol
No not really lol well not yet anyway! :D
I stopped in ketosis on holiday on chicken and tuna salads with no dressing and they weren't necessarily small salads so my bet is you wont be out of ketosis, personally i wouldnt drink it wouldnt be worth how cack it would make me feel but its your choice. by all means have a meal with your mates and have a salad with no dressing but the drink is your choice. PS believe it or not lettuce tastes flippin fab when you havent had it for weeks lol