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can see a pattern emerging...


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:gen147: right, I've done really b****y well the last few weeks and tbh it's not been hard work so that's all good. Until I stuff my face with burger king and chocolate today and ikea cakes and sweets yesterday:sign0137: . I had a 'what is wrong with me' thing last time I did really well too and thnk it's been a pattern for a while if I really think about it. Am I subconsiously (sp?) sabotaging myself?
A blip, I know, and I will get back to it properly but why do I do this to myself when there is really no b****y need! aarrrgghhh!!!!:mad:
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because your human and like all humans we try to sabotage ourselfs because as larger ladies we feel the need to punish ourselfs for being larger despite the fact were trying to lose the larger image
Exactly, your human. I did it on Thursday, if it wasn't nailed down it wasn't safe! But you just accept that it was a mistake, take your slap on the bum come weigh in when you don't lose what you'd hoped and move on. I think so many people fail at diets because they give themselves such a hard time when they slip up. Mistakes are allowed! Your doing brilliantly Coops and are an inspiration to all on here. Doon't be too hard on yourself x


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I know you're right girls, I just feel so angry with myself, like I've failed! I know how crap I'm going to feel on wi already. I'm thinking perhaps I should just accept I'm going to feel like going ott again then maybe I wont go ott so much, does that make sense? I'm back on track again now and wanted to let you know how much what you say on here helps. I can't say what I really feel in the real world for some reason but on here I feel able to be honest 100% about things that others will probably think are stupid so I'm very grateful for all of you. xxx
your very welcome coops just remember were all in the same boat

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