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Can someone give me vital info?

I pay £66 a week for a weeks worth of food, also covers costs of counselling. If you want to buy the flavourings they are £9 each but mine last 2 weeks. There are other extras you can buy but as I dont get them I dont know the cost. Hope that helps.
£66 a week for 4 packs/bars a day. Then I believe that when you go into maintenance you will reduce the number of packs.
The arguement I used to convince hubby was that I would not be buying any other food for myself so our weekly shopping bill has gone down.
Good luck!


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Yep £66 for foodpacks and counselling. I used to buy savoury drink sachets which came in a box of 14 for £6 (you can have 2 per day) So savoury drinks and water flavourings are up to you.

You are paying roughly what Cambridge foodpacks cost plus the cost of counselling which would generally be about £30. So as long as you get a good counsellor which I certainly did then you are getting great value.
Yep - I use the Marigold brand of bouillon (with the stock cubes in the supermarket) and for a tub it cost less than £2. 1 teaspoon in a cup of hot water takes the edge off a hungry moment. Someone on another website said the savoury drink sachets were useful to keep in your bag but it's much cheaper to use the bouillon at home.;)


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Thanks everyone for replying to my post! Sorry I didnt reply straight away but I was at work and had to go home!
Price wise, thats pretty much what I had guessed so its not too bad.:p

I think the reason I'm concerned about broaching the cost with DH is that I have already been on CD and come off because although the VLCD works, I need help with the reason why I have the crappy relationship with food, unless I meet it head on and deal with it, its just going to keep on tripping me up. Unfortunately, he doesnt understand this and doesnt want to waste money!

I'll get him drunk this weekend and give it a go!!

Thanks again,



Loves VLCD's !
Good Luck Rachael ! I know what you mean. Although I do CD now I can't imagine not having done LL first for foundation and a few weeks. I needed the head changes too ! I wouldn't have wanted just foodpacks and get on with it. Don't think it would have worked for me.

Hope he understands how important it is to you.:)


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So do I MagikMel!! I have battled with this since I was 13 or so and just want to have a 'normal' relationship with food!!:D

Foodpacks etc are great and I didnt have a problem with them, its just the little (loud!! ) voice!

Hi ive just started CD, my hubby is the same and has never had a weight problem in his life so doesnt really understand but i argued the point that if he cares about me and how i feel about myself then he would support me.

He said put like that then i should go for it. He is worried however that in the end i will be buying a whole new wardrobe!

Its my wedding anniversary on Saturday and we were going to go out for a meal but hes told everyone that he doesnt want to do this hed rather take me out for a game of bingo!!! Bless him!!



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Aww! he sounds really sweet! :p

My DH sadly is overweight but keeps on saying he'll work on it! I know what its like obviously, but he doesnt really seem that bothered at the moment. I am going to talk to him about this tho as it is very iportant to me that I sort this out for once and all and I do think the counselling is the key for me.:eek:

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