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Can someone help explain success express??


I will do this!!!
I think the success express plan is only for people who are struggling to lose weight via the normal methods and is only given out at the consultants discretion. So very few people know much about it and it seems to be something that people who do know about it are reluctant to discuss. Sorry I cant be more help.
MLM, I think that you are confusing Success Express with Fast Forward. FF is the only plan issued by consultants. When I joined in September 2009, one of the booklets in my welcome pack included details for SE.

Pizzle, you are very lucky because I've just been reading up on SE (and been doing it since last Friday!!). Basics are as follows.

3 meals per day. Only Superfree and HEX's to be snacked on. (so no mugshots, mullers etc as between meal snacks)

All meals to consist of 2/3rds Superfree. However, the other 1/3rd can be made up of just red free (ie meat), just green free (ie pasta), ee free (ie tuna jacket potato), or just free (ie eggs, quorn etc)

All syns to be taken at the higher value. So for example, if something has 2 syns on red, and 8 syns on green, you need to count it as 8 syns.

If you have something made up of 3 courses, you have to syn both the starter and the dessert, unless the starter/dessert is made up of Superfree (ie. melon for a starter, and fruit cocktail for dessert). If you choose to have a second helping, you can, as long as it follow the 2/3rd superfree rule.

HTH. Good luck on your SE week.


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I have the Success Express in the back of my old book (this was before EE was introduced)

Basically it's a way to just boost your weight loss (especially if you've had a couple of flexi-syn days)

You have 3 meals a day. Each one fill 2/3 of your plate with superfree food and then in the last 1/3 choose foods that are free on red or green or both together if you like.

Add one or two healthy A choices and two B choices. You can add these Healthy extras to meals.

Snack only on superfree foods - you can add the healthy extra to snacks.

5-15 syns a day. Starters and deserts are to be counted as syns. For example. Melon - free on both days so this would be free. However, smoked salmon, count it as 2 syns per 28g (the highest syn value)

Snacking on superfree helps to lower your calorie intake and limiting your overall energy intake.

Basically, everything you eat on a success express day that isn't a free food, superfree food or a healthy extra has syns.

I hope that helps, there is another plan that the consultants have up their sleeves but I really can't remember the name of it but it's pretty strict!


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I just wasn't sure, lol. Did have to get up and check my old book. I do remember once having a look at the booklet for Fast Forward from my consultant back in the day and thinking 'oh god no'

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