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Can someone help me please?

Hi All,

I am still fairly new to SW and I am a shift worker about to embark on my first set of nights since I joined.Today I am on a red day and have eaten as per normal,however i'm not sure what to do tonight as i am going to be up all night,then tomorrow sleep all day?Do I treat tonight as another day and take food into work?im confused,please help!

Thank you x
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I've never done night shifts but I think it would depend on what you will do tomorrow when you get up. Will you have breakfasty type meal before you go to work and then take 2 meals and some snacks with you?
If the answer is yes, then do the same tonight even though you've eaten today.


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I'm a nurse and work a lot of night shifts as well as day shifts- there is no pattern so my body clock is all over the place!! I always use Midnight as the start of a new day, no matter what time I go to bed and what time I wake up! It just seems clearer in my head that way!! I write all my food down so I don't get confused about what I'm eating on what day, especially when it comes to HEXs and syns!! So I always prepare food at home to take into work and make sure I have snacky things to have in work because the nights are 12 1/2 hours long and I need things to tide me over! I usually have a filling meal(stew, curry, pasta, risotto- whatever's left over from the day before or something I've prepared to take in especially)! I also take in lots of fruit, a fat free yogurt, a 'mugshot' and a packet of Ryvia Minis or a Hifi bar if I haven't already accounted for a HEXb (I follow Extra easy mostly by the way- you'll find your own fave snacks as you get into it). The key for me is planning and preparation so I never get caught short!! Good luck, I feel for you doing shifts but you do get used to it, and it's such a lovely feeling being in control!!X
what I normally do would be to have an evening meal before work,then have snacks like fruit and yoghurt(I don't get overlly hungry at work)then when i get home in the morning,i would have breakfast then go to bed then repeat the process!LOL its more my first night shift i would have a prob with as i eat in the day then eat in the night!
Thanks for your replies!

Funcurls-I think i answered my own question!LOL I think I will treat the next day as 12 midnight as I work 9-9 night shifts,so thats a good plan!I mainly would take free/low syn food with me as I feel a bit 'sick'on nights!!!

I think i was getting a bit confused over when i can have my healthy extras!!


Never gets tired of SW!
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Yes I used to get confused over that too! That's why writing it down helps, even in advance so you're planning for every mouthful!! Don't worry about eating during the first day AND night, because don't forget you'll be sleeping in the day the next day and won't eat then- it all balances itself out, and I don't think nights have stopped my weight loss so far!X

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