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Can someone help me to understand carbs in shakes please?

I have lots of Cambridge & Celebrity Slim shakes and Atkins bars. My plan is to mix and match having 1 shake, 1 bar and a low carb meal a day.
My problem is that I'm getting confused about whether this can be done, I've looked at the carbs on the packets and Celebrity Slim and Cambridge seem to be really high.

Celeb Slim has 28.3 total :eek:
26 as sugars.
(Isn't that over a day's allowance in one shake)

Cambridge has 14.1 total
13.2 as sugars.

This is compared to only 3gs in the Atkins bars.
I don't want to be drinking the high carb shakes if they're going to hinder my weight loss.
Am I reading it wrong?
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Happy to be slim at last
Hi, If you are going to mix, then you will need the carbs as your diet will be low cal still. Your packs have the right amount to go with the cals, so adding a low carb meal should be fine. I am doing the same and you can see that it's working for me. Check out the thread on the Low Carb board posted by a newbie today. She was also asking about mixing plans.

Just shout if you have any questions.
Thanks for that Sarah, I'll hop over and have a look at that thread now.
Your losses have been fantastic. I'll be more than chuffed if mine are like that :D


Happy to be slim at last
Should just add that my first 4 weeks were in abstinance. The last 2 have been since I added a low carb meal. So 7lbs in 2 weeks. I do walk 1.5 hours a day also and I think that helps. :D
Both really Tracy, They weren't around when I started Atkins, and I'm pleased about that. The main thing is that I've known so many people who stalled when they used them. That and the fact they can give some people the runs big time. :(
It is very confusing to mix them given the various carb contents, so I've decided to switch to Atkins alone.
I bought the book from Asda this morning and have spent all day reading it. Never have I felt so inspired by a diet book, I feel as though it could have been written for me.
So here's looking forward to a 4 stone loss :D
Ps. I wondered why I've had the runs the last couple of days, I've been eating 1 - 1 1/2 bars a day :eek:
Ah, looks like you are one of the people who are affected by them then. :D