Shakes, Meals or Bars? HELP!!!


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Hi guys.

I was wondering if any of you could tell me if, when you are doing TS should you only have one bar or meal per day?

When I did TS a few years ago, the guys at exante recommended that you have 1/2 shakes per day and a bar or meal pack. The reason for this was because the carb content was higher in the bars so having more could potentially kick you out of ketosis.

When I asked exante some time back when the lovely hot meals from another exante plan were available they said it wasn’t an issue to mix any meals as long as it was still 600 calls per day. To be honest I didn’t really believe it and now that I’m doing TS again I want to be sure that I am doing the plan right as it still says on the TS section that you just have 3 packs per day. Would it be ok to have 2 bars a day and a shake or a shake a bar and a meal?

Hope someone can clarify this for me.

Cheers guys