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can someone look at this for me please?


I have collar bones!
I'm totally confused (no change there then;)) but my Dad says I'm eating too much:

for breakfast I had:

fruit, black tea, water (for tablets)

mid morning:

hi fi bar (HEB)


scrambled egg on 2 slices toast (HEB)
small slice cheesecake (4 syns)

mid afternoon:

sugar free orange squash and an apple


roast lamb, roast potato (2 syns) curly kale, carrots, onion sauce (.5 syn for flour, milk as HEA)

strawberries, areosol cream (.5 syn)


orange squash & a banana

I think I'm getting it about right - what do you others think?
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Looks like you are doing a red day?

The 0.5 syns for the cream seems very low, how much did you have?

Seems as though you had lots of free fod though, so looks fine to me.


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OMG - I'd hate to see your dad commenting on what I eat :D You've had hardly anything in comparison. Hope it was "lots of fruit" for breakfast too!

I'm with Renza, tho. Try to find alternatives for things like cream (0.5syns? sure?) and personally, I would have two scrambled eggs on one slice of bread and save the other half hexB for dinner and save some syns there. And lots and lots of veg and salad with it. I'm not a cakey person so 4syns for a slice of cheesecake sounds a lot (now if it had been 6 for a glass of wine :D)

But that's my choice. You're well within your syns limit for the day, have had a healthy and filling diet - so next time your dad says something, ask him just when exactly he became a SW consultant ;)
It doesn't look like very much to me, tell your Dad that he's welcome to read your books so that he understands it properly.
I hope that you had more drinks than you have written down, it's important to drink enough when you are on the plan.


I have collar bones!
gosh I drink loads - always got a glass of squash beside me, due to persistent kidney infections.

The aerosol cream is 0.5 syns for 2 level tbspns, but I don't have anywhere near that much.

Yes, I was on a red day yesterday, today I'm on EE, so I've had my fruit, water, black tea. I'll have a banana later on. Salmon & salad for lunch, including egg, 2x babybel (HEa) followed by a yoghurt.

I'm saving my HEb for later on, plus a Weight Watchers mousse (5.5 syns) has got my name on it for pudding tonight.


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun, i think it looks ok, though i eat mountains of food so your plan doesn't look anywhere near as much food as mines. Tbh i think you should eat a bit more especially at breakfast time. Oh and there are some good syn free alternatives that you could use, like roast your own potatoes with frylite, i make mines with rooster or maris pipers and they are lovely and free. xx


I have collar bones!
I'd love to use frylight - but Dad (who does the cooking) won't have it in the house. If I put it in the shopping trolley, he takes it straight out.

prob is - I need to lose weight, Dad's diabetic, and Mum needs to put weight on; so it's not easy.

I struggle to do any cooking due to only having the use of one arm. I can't stand and stir things for long as my leg gets tired easily.

Oh the joys of having had a stroke @ age 8:sigh:


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hi crazycrafter :) Just wanted to say - your food diary looks fine to me! It's annoying when parents/others interfere isnt it?

Sometimes I feel like I should never have told my mum I'm doing SW coz now when I'm round at her house and I have something 'naughty' like a biscuit she's almost jumping on me and telling me I can't have it! I can have it!

SW is tricky to explain to people - well I find it tricky anyway so most of the time I don't bother explaining! Anyway you have done SO well - (despite your difficult personal situation) and you're nearly at target! Keep going!!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i eat loads more than that, and as for the squirty cream i much prefer it to fromage frais and it's nivce to treat yourself XXXX fry light is a god send but perhaps get your dad to use olive oil as you can count that as an healthy extra hope that helps.
Hiya, I am with the rest of them on here... I eat a hell of a lot more than that! That just looks like one of my mornings! Lol :giggle: xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I'm with the rest CC, it looks fine! Is there a reason your Dad does the shopping? (being nosy sorry)

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