Advice needed please


hi I've been on slimming world for 4 days, I've quit smoking so I'm desperate not to gain any weight and if by a miracle it would be nice too loose some too!

I can't stop eating! I've been sticking to my daily syns (15) but I'm eating ridiculous amounts of fruit which I understand are free and speed foods but i feel like I'm going overboard.

Can someone tell me if this is too much or if this is ok? I'm more a night time muncher also...

2 wholmeal toast (synned butter)
Coffee (synned as tassimo?)

Lunch- savoury rice and cabbage.

Snack- muller light &a an apple.

Tea- chicken, carrots, green beans, broccoli.

Pudding- mini milk lolly (synned)

Snack at 8pm- HALF A MELLON, 5 strawberries, an apple, 2 small oranges, Alpen bar (synned)

Too much??
Scared I won't have a loss at this rate.

Yesterday I had 2 muller lights
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The thing to ask yourself is are you eating the food because you're genuinely hungry or are you eating it just because you can because it's free.

The idea behind sw is to eat free food until you're full and satisfied.

Just as an aside, I've noticed your dinner was low on cards and I'm always starving after doing that. Maybe a bigger dinner with more filling carbs might keep you fuller and help you stop picking.


I'm eating because I feel starving, especially at night. Usually I don't eat so much it's only since stopping smoking. Nothing is filling me up at the moment I could probably eat a whole loaf of bread and still be hungry.


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Can I ask if you are drinking much water?

Melons are quite good for quenching thirst, I wonder if your body is maybe mistaking hunger for thirst... You could try drinking a glass of water before every meal/snack.

From your list, if you have 5 meals/snacks a day, if you could drink a glass of water before eating each time, you'd comfortably get over 2ltr alone.

It might be worth trying.

I personally don't know how much fruit is a lot or too much, but it is better than the sugary alternatives! I think the carb point above is brilliant too.

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What you've listed there all sounds fine, though you don't seem to have any speed foods with breakfast. Could you have a piece of fruit with your toast instead of later in the day?

The tassimo coffee will be free if it's just a black Americano-style one with no milk / cream pods. I drink them all the time!

Lunch and tea both sound great, loads of speed foods there. There's nothing wrong with eating half a melon either, I looooove melon and can eat a whole one in one sitting, no problem! They're so high in water content that they're a great speed food.

For breakfast every day I eat an apple, 1 or 2 satsumas (depending on their size) and a handful of berries (usually strawberries (I'd have more than 5), raspberries or blueberries). I also have a banana every day and maybe some fruit in the evenings if we have any melon so I'd say that I'm eating about the same amount of fruit as you per day. I've been doing this since I started SW in September and I've had good losses throughout (when I've stayed on plan!)

I know it may seem like you're eating a lot but fruit is free and speed for a reason and I don't think the amount you're eating will do anything other than help you lose. Are you writing down everything you're eating? If you do have a gain, show your consultant and they should be able to help you but I'd say to just trust the plan and see what happens.

Also, very well done for quitting smoking! :)


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I've done SW before and I eat LOADS of fruit when I'm doing it, and as long as I stick to plan I always have a loss, no matter how much fruit I eat.
I buy my fruit really short dated from a company shop, so I have to eat lots otherwise it goes out of date lol

Make sure you are eating speed food with every meal, so I'd suggest eating a piece of speed fruit with breakfast. But other than that it all looks fine.
The more speed food you eat, the more weight you will lose! Just be careful if you are diabetic eating a lot of fruit because it does have a lot of natural sugars in it, but if you're not, go mad! :)

Hope that helps and puts your mind at ease a bit!


Thank you for all the advice. I'll try drinking more water, having a speed food with breakfast and maybe add in some pasta with tonight's tea to see if it helps.

The tassimo is costa cappuccino. I've been adding 2 syns for a cup? I don't really use my dairy heb allowance wonder if I could count the milk pod as that instead?

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The Costa cappuccino's are 2 syns each and I think that if you're not using the full amount of milk for the healthy extra allowance then you have to syn it. Also, as the milk pod is 'creamer from milk' rather than actual milk and it contains sugar as one of the ingredients I don't think it would count towards a healthy extra :( I'd keep counting it as 2 syns per drink to be on the safe side.


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I'm guessing you are not veggie or vegan b/c of the chicken for dinner. There doesn't appear to be any proper protein in your day until dinner time. Try having baked beans or egg with breakfast? (and some veggies). Again at lunch, rice and cabbage, maybe add some fish?


Today has been a little better.

I had 2 eggs and beans on whole meal toast for breakfast.

I didn't have lunch as wasn't hungry after the breakfast.

Tea was chicken brown rice and veg.

Pudding was alpen light bar.

Now I'm eating half a pomegranate with a pin so I feel like I'm munching. Ha!


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When I have time, I do scrambled eggs and mushrooms for brekkie on toast, with baked beans. It's my favourite SW brekkie, yum!