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Can someone please hit me.


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I dont no whats wrong with me today i sat and ate an entire chocolate bar. It was a huge chocolate bar too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just sat and ate it all!!!!! :17729:
Stupid stupid me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:ashamed0005:

I was doing so good and i no going to america messed me up a bit. I managed to loose the weight i gained the week o got back so on my wi i was the same as i was when id left. Im only 2lbs off a 2 stone loss but ive totally lost my motervasion.

I want food all the time and i cant stop it. I feel like im letting myself down but i cant stop. The food doesnt even make me happy i just feel guilty like i do now.

Please can some1 kick me up the bum!!!:copon:

I need to get my head back into this.
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:copon: HI F.A.R
ITS not T.O.M time with eatin' all that choc you badddd girl! LOL .As that what I DO Ive just gotta have it ! :eek: then afterwards just feel soooo guilty and cant believe I ate it all OMG!!! what I usually do is try to stick to the plan for the rest of day before going to rc just used to think arrrgh :rant2::rant2: and:eatdrink023: have agood binge ,our rc instructor says not too sabotage any more try and stick to plan as it doesnt necessaraly mean ahuge gain she calls it
S.O.M.O ( sTARTOVER move on!)look at this youve done so well ,did well on hol , start afresh tomorrow and stick with the plan start a fresh maybe do the kick sta
rt for afew days or awk? your so close to your 2st award and your going to get it aren'tyou what about that for motivation
its only 2bs you can do it. :D

YOU.LLget back on track dont stress about the choc we all do these things on impulse! youll be
fine girl!

forgot to hit u! :whoopass::rotflmao::giggle::gen126: heres a hug from us all:D
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Don't beat yourself up about it. As wilyn said, just move on and get back on track. I've read your diary on here (extremely inspirational!) and you've really been doing so well, so just consider it an easter treat and now it's done you can get back to the diet. I'm sure you'll be back in the gym and losing pretty quickly! :)


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Thank u guys. Ive given myself a big talking to. I think going on holiday knocked me out of the routine i had got myself in.

It was hard at the beginning too but i managed it. Ive just gotta get back into the swing of things.

I hate the fact my brain is telling me im hungry all the time. Im not and giving into that feeling is what got me to the size i was. It'll take me a few days but im sure i'll get into my groove again.

Thanks for the support think i'll need a bit of it to get me through this bumpy patch. :)
thats right far ,when we get off track its soo hard to get back into itisnt it were here to support you
far ,
you know what you was saying about your hungry all the time I get that I have one voice in my head saying Eat me! another saying no eventually you give in to one dont you when Ive gone off the wagon ,it takes time to get back into it.

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