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Extra Easy Can someone tell me if im doing it right??


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Hi! I'm new! (2nd day) and I am trying to follow the EE plan but can't believe I'm allowed what I am! Can someone please check what I've eaten today and tell me if I'm doing it right? I bet I'm eating way over! Lol...


Baked potato, tuna, sweetcorn and tbsp light mayo (2.5syns) light triangle (HE)


King prawn stirfry, frylight, soy sauce, rice

Squares crisps (5.5)

Coffee with milk and sweetener (HE)

I was going to make eggs and ham as in peckish, but is this right?!

Also yesterday I made spaghetti Bol with mince, pasta, bacon, tomatoes, anchovies
(1.5syns) ... Is this also free?

Thanks for your help

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I will do this!!!
what kind of mince did you use?


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I don't really think you are getting the basics right. One third of your plate at each meal should be superfree foods, that is fruit or veg with the exception of peas, sweetcorn, potato and parsnips.

You don't have any superfree with your baked potato or ham and eggs. What was in your stirfry? Was it just the prawns because if so then you need superfree food there as well. Also, what are you having for your HEB choice?


I will do this!!!
have you tried replacing the beef with quorn? its free and really tasty


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Oh no :(

My stir fry was onions, green beens, spinach, broccoli and peas.

Also in my spaghetti In the sauce I had onions, celery, mushrooms, tomatoes and cherry toms.

I don't think I've had my HEB !

Have I screwed it up? It's so hard coming from a calorie controlled diet!


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The stirfry and spaghetti dishes seems to have a good amount of superfree foods. And no you haven't screwed anything up - it's one or two meals out of the 21 you will eat this week. It's a learning process and you'll soon get the hang of it. By the way you really need to get into the habit of eating breakfast because it really boosts your losses.


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this is what slimming world says

you don't have to eat all your HE but to maintain a healthy balanced diet it is reccommended that you do.

So to answer your question, I don't think it's going to ruin it for you!

Lisa x
Brilliant! Thank you girls, I've read over the book again and I'm understanding, EVERY meal has to have 1/3 super free. So if I have eggs and ham I'd need to have mushrooms and toms ? Lol the only diet that you NEED to eat more to do it right!! I love it already. Thanks for your help. X

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