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Can too much water work against you?

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after talking on here to a couple of people over the last couple of days, and discussing water intake, i wondered if there was any way that too much water could have a detrimental effect - ie, where it may be retained by the body in any way, and impacting on weight loss?

I'm on the SS+, and at present, i consume about 2 litres every 4.5 hrs, meaning 6 litres a day in total. Now, i'm comfortable drinking this much, but do confess that i'm unsure whether i'd be better off only having 3 or 4 litres.

If anyone could advise whether i'm worrying unduly, or otherwise, i'd be very grateful.
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Ice moose is the one to ask Mick. I remember when he did it I think he drank 6L but I think men can drink more. send him a msg or on the water consumption sticky.
S: 18st1lb C: 16st0lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 2st1lb(11.46%)
thanks for that, i will do as suggested, and hopefully it will be fine. Typically, as soon as id posted the question, i saw another thread querying the same sort of thing (isnt it always the way lol!)


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LOL, yes, that's always the way. :D

But I think if you've been quite happily drinking 6 litres per day, then you're quite safe to carry on. Maybe cut it down a bit as you shrink?

It definitely won't interfere with your weight loss, so don't worry on that score. People get worried (rightly so) about excess water consumption, but the horror stories you hear are about those people who suddenly go from drinking 4 cups of tea a day to drinking their own body weight in water :rolleyes:. It's all about what your body's used to.
S: 18st1lb C: 16st0lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 2st1lb(11.46%)
thank you, lily, that has put my mind at rest a fair bit, and does make a lot of sense. The trouble is over analysing sometimes, because you want to stick to it as closely as possible, but i think my body would be revolting (no smartass remarks, please, lol!) if i over did it

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