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can u eat too much salad


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how much water are you drinking. and when you say huge salad? what exactly do you mean? salad leaves do contain water so you may be retaining.
well it is quite a huge bowl full of lettuce various leaves cucumber cheese ham and chicken had it twice yest and i feel so bloated


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as long as its within your carbs dont worry. just keep drinking the water love x


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I have the exact same salad but i only have it once, i might have the old book but it says 3 cups of veg and thats about one large salad for me? But aslong as its within your carb limit im sure its fine.
Im not sure you can drink too much water on this diet, i have 3-4 litres a day because im feeling constantly thirsty :(


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if i buy the bags of salad i just go by whats on the packet.


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erm no. but i could if i wasnt having veg on a night :D
oh thank god joanne as since yest i have used entire head lettuce and one bag salad which made up 3 big salads and tiny bit left


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If your salad is all leaves you'll be fine - a salad bag might have between 2 and 5 g carbs, check on the back of the packet. Just make sure you count those carbs in your 20 a day and watch adding anything like onion, tomato, carrot or peppers or corn - those are too carby to have.
You need to eat 3 mugs (USA Cups) of chopped green leaf veggies a day Lala, more than that and you'll be getting more than 20 carbs a day


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This cup malarky is what confuses me about Atkins. It depends what version of the book as to what veg is allowed on induction, and as veg has differing amounts of carbs how can one mug of a equal one mug of b iykwim. Also depends on raw/cooked and how much you try and stuff in a mug.

Heck, who would have thought cabbage and the like could cause such confusion. I admit to being confused in general of late but for I'm not normally so dense. I have got american cup measuring things and heck 3 cups of lettuce is never 12g of carbs is it?


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I never used cups as measurements. Basically, you should get 12 to 15 g of your daily carbs from veg, and that should be spread out through the day. Just look up what veg you're having and you'll be able to figure out how much that way. You can always go for a few slightly carbier veg like leeks and celeriac.
I used the mug (Cup) measurement as it was the easiest for me, I'm all for the KISS principle, that plus the fact when I started back in 2001 there was very few pre packed and prepared veggies and also they didn't post the carbs on the packs, so that's what I went by


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I weigh my salad. I have one 60g bag a day.
ive been doing cups, although I realised 3 cups of lettuce isn't probably 12g of carbs but I just can't be bothered working out I use about a quarter of a bag with each salad.
I hate green veg:( its a struggle to want to eat it!

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