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can u stay on LT for a month only?


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I have just startd LT and my starting weight was 10st 4Ibs- i would ideally like to be 8 stone but happy if i get to 9 stone, I think I will reach my target in a month and was wondering whether its too much of a short time to be on LT and wondering if i will put the weight back on more quickly with only being on it for a short time?
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i don't think sohun, aslong as you do 4 weeks on TFR and then 1 week refeed, you may be pleasantlysupprised and losing more than 1 stone anyway, i have been on it for 5 weeks (had a long weekend off) and i have lost 23 lbs!


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TFR is Total Food Replacement, what you're doing now.

I think 3-4 weeks is the minimum, plus a proper Refeed!

Oh, another option for Portugal would be to do Day 1 of the refeed, because you can buy as many Maintenance products as you want!

Have two maintenance bars or shakes, and chicken and salad with balsamic vinegar, you will lose weight slower, but it'll still be a decent weight loss!


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Im just scared of putting the weight back on in portugal- as i work as a nanny its so hard to resist the foods they are eating- id like to come back from portugal tanned and slim!
My boss doesnt actually know im doing the diet and although they couldnt stop me i think they would probably disagree with it (the eat very healthy and gym etc) so i don think ill be able to hide it from them in portugal anyway

what is a typical days food on the refeed?
hiya. I asked my pharmacist and being on LT for a month is not a prob. I plan to do the total food replacement for 3 wks and then refeed. Im 10st 7lbs and hope to loose at least a stone in 3 weeks, and if im really lucky a stone and a half which will take me down to 9 stone. Ive just had my first shake of the day...and i feel determined. I WILL DO IT... AND SO CAN YOU.
the chemist should not have sold it in the first place! A 3 stone loss is usually the norm to go on LT.


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what do you mean the chemist should not hav sold it? Just because im not classed as 'obese' i am classed as overweight still and want to loose upto 2 stone- i may stay on for more than a month if i can do it in portugal


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You would defo be able to do maintenance in portugal, the bars are real handy and no one need know what they are jsut cover the name on it, you could say its a cereal bar.

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