Can u still eat when you are not hungry


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and loose weight?
When i am feeling a bit down i tend to pick ,as long as it is free food or within the plan is it OK. Sometimes i eat loads but i am not hungry.
too early to tell if i will still loose this week.
Do others do this too sometimes??
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I used to Hun...I ate for all sorts of reasons, apart from actually being hungry! Boredom, upset, being just two of them!
I had a gastric band, but I still follow the SW principles, but what I do now is drink more water especially if I feel hungry and leave it for 30mins, chances are by then, if you are still hungry, you will eat, but if not, your body just needed to be hydrated.
If what you are eating is free however, dont be worried about it, if you are following the plan as you should be, then you will still loose weight regardless!



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I agree with what Mrs V says.
I did find that, for me, and not everyone is the same at all I have lost much better by eating only when hungry.
Even now when maintaining, I only eat when I am hungry, even though I have upped my syns and sometimes have extra HEXs I have STS for the last two weeks.


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If im eating out of boredom or comfort i always make sure that a) it's out of my syns or B) it's a superfree of the two


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When I lost weight with sw in the past, I used to eat free foods even when not hungry and still had good weight losses but only for a while. After I had lost about 4 stone I started to sts or even gain as I was eating too much. I was following the plan but obviously was eating too much for my body. After all whatever plan you follow it still ends up with calories in and calories burnt.

This time I am re educating myself to eat when hungry and do something else if I want to eat when I am not. Not always easy but the key to long term weight loss and maintenance for me.


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as long as you stick to plan you can eat what you want when you want.

when doing SW in the past i've had dinner then had a second dinner a few hours later...and still had great losses. normally i would sit and eat a bag of kettle chips or a tub of ice cream.... so filling up on free food is a much healthier alternative at the times when you'd normally eat chocolate or down a bottle of red wine.


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As Karen says you can eat what and when you like on the plan. BUT I too am an emotional eater and I have been trying different techniques. When you feel like grabbing something to munch stop and ask yourself "Am I hungry?" If not ask "Do I REALLY want this?" See if there is something else you can do for 10 minutes to distract you and you will probably find that you don't actually want it after that x