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Can we have?

i did on my refeed just take the fat off i used to get the healthy choice ones


I will be skinny again!!!

my mum is cooking some now and they smell yummy lol
i can't

cos i am muslim......LMAO!

all meat is fine as long as you keep to the weight and remove all fat before cooking :)


I will be skinny again!!!

I could have sworn I read some where I am allowed low fat salad dressing after day four, and bought some and now on the refeed it says nothing about it!!
again i had a little drizzle on mine on refeed i couldnt eat salad with nothing on ugh!!!
you can have lemon juice :) Thats yummy - and put a little salt.


I will be skinny again!!!
eeeuuh lol!!

Balsamic vinegar all the way :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Im using LT shakes, My chemist doesnt stock the maintenance products.

Adam lost... Not sure If I will, Think I might put on weight to be honest
I have a friend who lost 5 stone with lipotrim and has maintained this for 1 year so far. She has been up and own by only 7pounds. this seems quite good after losing so much. She does really watch what she eats. It's a life change for sure. I just started last Tuesday(3days) and have already lost 3 pounds. Have 5 stone to go. The refeed idea is scarey already!! I am determined to loose the 5 stone. I just hope I can change the rest of my life. you guys are a great inspiration. Keep talkin!!!


One last chance
Congrats on losing 3lbs. And wow, your friend must be an amazing maintener. I'll be starting refeed soon, in May and I am so scared LOL but at the same time I'm excited.

I've recently lost 4 stone, have two more to shift, and I really hope it all stays off for the rest of my life :D.

Good luck with your remaining stones, this site is great for support.