can you buy CS shakes and bars individually anywhere?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by Baileyamber, 19 March 2010 Social URL.

  1. Baileyamber

    Baileyamber Full Member

    Hi everyone, was just wondering if there is anywhere were you can buy shakes and bars individually anywhere? I only like certain flavours and the 2 Rowlands pharmacies near me dont always have them in stock. It seems you can only buy in bulk online aswell?

    Hope someone can help, thanks! x;)
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  3. voodoo

    voodoo LOVING MY WATER

    Ah maybe EBay? My local Rowlands stocks quite a few flavours sold individually, have you tried looking for other local ones you could travel to easily?
  4. betty55

    betty55 Member

    ya can buy them individually in superdrug, i work there and we just started doing them the other week! hope this helps!xx
  5. alphashallows

    alphashallows Full Member

    I've seen them individually in Superdrug - my local one has a whole section dedicated to CS :D
  6. .Nicki.

    .Nicki. Minimin Addict

    does it work out more expensive to buy them individually? I only like a few flavours but can only afford to buy a weeks worth for the first few weeks and don't really want to be stuck with the same flavour.
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