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Can you check please?


Been doing Slimming World at home for a week and weighed yesterday and had not lost anything. I was previously doing Cambridge, can someone take a look at today's meal plan and see if it looks right.

1 x Muller Light
3 x Kiwi Fruit

2 x Nimble Wholemeal
2 x Boiled Eggs
Scrape of Marg 2 syns

Stir-Fry Veg
100g Wholemeal Rice
Muller Light

1 X Curly Wurly

Can you let me know how it looks please?
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what day are you doing? if you're doing red or green then you haven't had enough healthy extras or syns! yuo haven't had any A options like milk, cheese etc and not enough syns! If your're doing EE then you still need 1 HEA option and more syns! the rest seems ok.
Are you doing extra easy? From your menu plan I think you must be as rice can't be used on a red day as a HEX B choice.
If on EE, you don't need to weigh rice at all.
On first glance it doesn't look nearly enough food to me!! Need some more syns in there for a start!
saying that, coming off a tfr diet you would not expect to lose in the first week and if anything, you may see a gain.
Stick with it, eat lots and lots of free foods and remember you have 15 syns a day!
I'd suggest you eat a bit more! You could have your eggs and toast for breakfast rather than lunch, have the muller & kiwi as a snack, then have another meal as your lunch. I'll often have jacket potato, tuna & sweetcorn or pasta salad, couscous, homemade soup, leftovers from night before, whatever takes your fancy!

Definitely room for a bit more food there, lots of fruit & veg too :)
Ok if I try this how does it look

1 x Muller Light
3 x Kiwi Fruits
250ml Semi Skimmed Milk - HEA

2 x Nimble - HEB
2 x Eggs
Scrape of Spread - 2 syns

Peppers, Courgettes, Tomatos
Pasta 100g Wholemeal Past - HEB
Muller Light

Curly Wurly - 6 Syns

Is this better I am doing a RED day

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I agree with the others. Its hard to tell from your menu what day you are on and there isnt nearly enough food there Hun!!! Even I can eat more than that and I have a gastric band! Lol

Just reading your newest post too....lunch is more like a breakfast...on a red day, you can have things like chicken (I would take some chicken drumsticks to work and have a side salad).
If you have the chance, have a look at the Food diary section on here..it will give you some ideas. Just get out of the CD way of thinking (this is why you arent loosing weight on SW plan - you arent eating enough!) strange to say that about a diet, but thats how SW works!
Ok sounds like I need to eat more but coming from 3 shakes a day my stomach finds it hard to squeeze in! Maybe I need to make some syn free soup to have during the day. Hard to get your head round eat more and lose weight but I am willing to give that a go this week.
I'd change your day to EE and then you can have unlimited pasta hun, 100g cooked pasta is nothing and seems a waste of a B choice!! Wouldn't touch the sides of my stomach!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
It's a difficult concept that you need to eat to lose weight! But the simple truth is that at the beginning the more you eat the more you lose! Now obviously if you've been on shakes you may well have a gain the first week as there will be something retained in your system but as you adjust you'll relax and see just how much you CAN eat!
And yes you could do with a much larger lunch!
Go onto the SW website, they have downloadable plans, or go onto the diary section at the top of the SW home page and that will give you an idea about how much you should be eating. The magazine is good too.

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