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Can you cope without a car


I will be a yummy mummy!
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Me and OH are looking to try for a baby next year (when all my weight WILL be gone!!) but neither of us drive.

I took lessons from 17 and managed to fail 5 (yes 5!) times and as I was a student at the time I simply couldn't afford to continue. My OH has simply never had lessons.

We cope really well, we live 10 mins from the centre of town, there's a lovely park just down the road and we're only 15mins from a really regular train service. We love walking too so that's not a problem.

Does anyone else out there manage without being able to drive? I think we'll be ok but am yet to meet anyone else in the same situation!
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My husband and I don't have a car - he can drive when he needs to, but I can't because I'm epileptic. We don't own one, but on the rare occasions when we need one we hire one. We're like you, 20 mins walk from town, nice park on the same road, 25 mins walk from the train station.

To be honest we get along OK without it. There are times when it's really irritating (like when we run out of cat litter and I have to pay for a taxi to go and get it) but the rest of the time it's not so much of a problem - I get the shopping delivered which takes that problem away.

Granted, we don't have children, but there are many families in our area who don't, but the low-floor bus services are frequent and regular which makes it far less hassle for them to get about. I think if you live in a big town or a city you can get along ok without one, with a bit of creativity. It doesn't half save money.


No Coffee, No Workee
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You're welcome :)


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I am only at 41 learning to drive and have had 4 kids during this time when I had my 1st two (19 years ago) my OH at the time couldnt drive we coped very well and these were the days when busses didnt have a walk on area for pushchairs still dont know how I did it a baby in a pushchair and a 2 half year old getting baby out folding pushchair and getting all 3 plus any shopping on and off the bus on my own! :eek:
Nowadays its so much easier now you just wheel the pushchair straight on to the bus shopping and all also this time round we have gone 2 years as a family without a car again with a baby and a 2 year old (am I crazy??)
So many places to take kids without a car we managed :) public transport is fantastic now


Alomst there :)
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I don't have a car!! I have a 14 month old and a two year old and manage ok. It's just not something I even think of!
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I have 2 children 8 and 18months and we don't have a car like you I have failed 5 times (took my tests when I was 17. I'm 30 now). we manage fine without a car but the buses do irrate me how unreliable they are so I often just walk I walk to and from walk each day which is a hour each way. I think it does wonders for my weightloss I have had slimmer of the month 4 months out of the 5 I've been there.
Only problem I do fine is holidays we seem to go to same place every year cause its only place we can get to.
After my holiday I am trying again but hopefully will do better cause I'm older and have less pressure cause I know we don't need a car.


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If you're that near town why bother? I used to walk 1.5 miles each way with a shopping trolley to do my weekly shop when the boys were small. The only reason we have a car now is we live 7 miles from town and only have 2 buses on a saturday!
I do however recommend taking your tests when you can afford it. There are times when being able to drive is a Godsend.
Hi hun, i couldnt live with out my car but i suppose if you have never driven you dont miss it! i live 20-30 min drive from town/work, and 10 min drive to my mum and the inlaws. The bus service is expensive and unrealiable. I love the freedom of being able to go anywhere etc. I meet up once a week with mummys from the NCT group i went, it would be impossible if I didnt drive and shopping etc is alot easier but you could do this online? For me life is easier with a car but if you are close to everything then maybe you dont need one x


I will be a yummy mummy!
S: 16st9lb C: 15st8.5lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 38.7 Loss: 1st0.5lb(6.22%)
Thanks all for your replies, it's really interesting to see other people's perspectives.
Luckily I do all my shopping either online, or shop at the local co-op and get it delivered home for free, and it's true - because I've never driven I don't know any different!

Thanks all
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me and oh can drive however we sold our car 6 years ago and really dont miss it hon,
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me and Oh both have our own cars and we cant even cope when one of us is without.. i wouldnt know how to cope without my car plus a child!! but i have been spoilt by having a car in the first place.. if youv survived so far without one, i see no reason why a child should change that. Its nice to have your freedom though, esp on a raining day with a bored child... and would be cheaper to learn now when you dont have extra costs!


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I could never cope without a car. Yes I could walk to work but it's not the same. I love my car(s) and love to drive them :D

Pictures ahoy!

Daily runner:

Also got a tow car:

Need the tow car to trailer the race car about:

Where I get to wear this lol:



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We went without a car (but had the use of streetcar) and it's a lot more convenient having a car with a baby than not having one - if the baby becomes unwell at 2am in the morning and you want to take them to A&E waiting for a cab and then fiddling with a car seat is not fun. When they're slightly older and you want to take them on day trips, going everywhere by public transport can be expensive and difficult. When it's dark out, freezing and pouring with rain and you have food shopping to do, having a car is good. I didn't have use of a car during the day when my son was a baby so I did all of my going out and shopping on foot or using public transport and that definitely has it's place, but I would hate to be without a car in the family with a child.
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Yes, you can manage without a car (but having one is lovely!).

I've been without a car for over two years and although I miss it I have definitely coped. Most of my food shopping is done online, which is a godsend for heavy/ bulky items and I walk or use the bus.

Having said that, a friend has given me an old clunker and it's great to have the freedom but even though I only put in £50 a month of petrol I have noticed that I am skint by the end of each month and am having to think very carefully about whether I can afford to keep the car (what with insurance/ road tax/ maintenance etc). But it is so very lovely just to be able to pop to wherever I want.

But the point is that you definitely can cope, especially if you are already used to not having one.


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I think living without a car depends on so many things. The most important being what you luckily have. Good public transport, shops that deliver free and your park for a green area for your baby.

Ecologically it is such a good thing to do.

We live in the country and have cut down from 2 cars to one. We could not possibly manage without a car. Our car broke down 2 weeks ago and it was a nightmare. My poor husband walked a 10 kilometer round trip to buy the part that was needed. His legs were sore for days !! That was when I wished we still had 2 cars !!

Of course you can manage and living in your situation you will.

Good luck with your weigh loss and then trying for your baby, life's unique joy. With a new baby you see life through different eyes,

Sue xx

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