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Can you drink too much water?


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Hi Caz,

It is possible to drink too much water, however I think that you would need to drink much more than you have to do any damage. 8 litres a day is an awful lot, you run the risk of flushing out all the vitamins and minerals in the packs as well as unwanted fat!

Try to spread out your drinking throughout the day, it's much better to sip constantly than try to down a litre at a time. Hope you're feeling better soon x

Corinne x


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My husband says yes you can- Paul McKenna did and ended up very poorly in hospital. I read somewhere on here women should stick to 6 litres a day. May be sopacing it out will help too.
Take care x


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Deff not 8 litres, its far too much. Too much water can cause your brain to swell.... not good!


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i keep a litre bottle next to me and sip at it, the side effects from too much water are when its consumed very fast, think of people whove taken ecstasy who down a couple of litres in a few minutesthats when it dilutes the salts in your body and causes electrolyte balances to go out of kilter

Deb G

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A guy died recently (he was mentally ill by the way) from drinking 26 litres of water. A BIT excessive!


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Oh pip, pip, pip, I have totally freaked out, after drinking 5 (yes 5!!!!) litres of water this morning, I felt so ill, dizzy, and horrid, so, I read up on the net about drinking too much water and thought I was going to die!!!!!! It advised to eat something salty, so I am afraid to say I have eaten a salty packet of crisps and a pasta dinner, (didn't even enjoy them!) now I feel disguisted in myself, I only upped my water this am cause it is my 1st weigh in tomorrow and when I weighed myself this morning I had gone from 16st 4lb to 16st 7lb?????????????? So again I freaked out and thought, right flush it all out with lots of water, then when I read what I did on the net, feeling really ill, I paniced!!!!!!! Oh lord, how could I be so stupid, I have ruined my very 1st week with stupid, stupid, stupid ideas.:cry::cry::cry::cry:
Right I am just gonna have to start fresh again tomorrow and go for it big style (without going mad with water or weighing myself!)
Fell like a right idiot x:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
Dont worry about it love.. Esp dont listen to the scales.. sometimes scales lie, which is why its always best to do measurments too.. im sure someone on here just said they put on a lb but lost inches.. probs best to stick to about 6 litres i think.. water can be dangerous drinking too much, but its in a certain time frame.. Like people on E.. They drink and drink, and effectivly drown themselves..
Dont worry about the crisps.. I would have paniced too..

Good luck with your weigh in honey..

Cat x x x

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