Can you drink too much water?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by Leahtm, 23 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. Leahtm

    Leahtm Full Member

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  3. Letty

    Letty Full Member

    Hi Leah,
    I'm no expert at all, but that does sound like quite a lot of water. Don't panic, if you feel fine then I'm sure you are fine, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that if you drink too much you can make yourself thirsty all the time.

    The more serious 'water poisoning' is in relation to an awful lot of water, so don't panic!

    I'm sure a CDC will be along to advise, but good old wikipedia seems to suggest that over 10 litres, in a very short amount of time, is an amount to worry about:
    Water intoxication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    As I say, I'm absolutely no expert- I would ask your CDC if you're worried.
  4. Jaycey

    Jaycey Post-Menopausal Maniac!

    Please see this article about the woman who died:-

    Slimmer died in 'tragic accident' after drinking too much water during controversial diet | Mail Online

    - she drank four litres in two hours! (And then her husband complained that LL hadn't told her not to do that - guess why I'm not on their diet?) The same thing happened to Leah Betts, the girl who 'died' of Ecstasy (total rubbish, she died of water intoxication but the media skewed the story to suit them).

    There is real danger attached to drinking too much water in one go, so just take it easy - please. :innocent0001:
  5. Leahtm

    Leahtm Full Member

    Thanks both for your replies. I will be more careful. I think I too was under the impression the more water you drank the better weight loss you get. I honestly don't have trouble drinking it though, its not like I'm forcing myself? I have a Cambridge Diet Beaker thing and I fill that up all day it holds 700ml at a time, how many of them would be about right, 5?

    Thanks again Le xxx
  6. Trim T

    Trim T Full Member

    I've read these articles before and they are scary. However i regularly drink 5-6 litres a day with no ill effects. I always have even when not doing a vlcd.

    It's very individual, we all have differing tolerances and needs, i personally think that i need a lot of water to stay hydrated, as when i don't drink more than 3 litres i can notice the difference. As long as you're not FORCING yourself to drink excessively then i wouldn't worry.

  7. Leahtm

    Leahtm Full Member

    Thanks Trim T x
  8. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    There really is no truth in the "more you drink the more you shrink" phrase.

    My advice is to make sure you drink at least the minimum, then if you are thirst, or fancy another glass (or few), enjoy. If your body is telling you that you need more, then you'll probably still be thirsty after the minimum.

    Just make sure you are spreading them out throughout the day, but don't drink just on the hopes of losing more weight as it doesn't work like that.
  9. ScotsKT

    ScotsKT Member

    Hey guys was wondering if I can join you? I'm on day 4 of SS and doing ok so far although I'm not hungry I am missing food. My CDC saw me outside of her usual sessions so going for my first weigh in tonight so hoping it's going to keep me motivated.
  10. Jaycey

    Jaycey Post-Menopausal Maniac!

    I too do 'chain-drinking' as I call it, as I just wouldn't get enough liquid inside me otherwise (I have a very bad memory!), but I drink hot water, as it lasts longer (usually mild black coffee - I can't drink cold water on its own) which feels like it's filling me up more. I probably drink more than five beakerfuls, but I know when to stop. (I only work one day a week, but it's more difficult there - I get funny looks at my huge amount of loo breaks, lol.)

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