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Can you eat too much free food?


Grappling with life
I did SW about 8 years ago and lost really successfully. My group closed and I went back to old habits, gained the weight back etc etc. I joined another group about 2 years ago but just didn't lose as well, 2lb off, 1lb on, half lb off, half on. I kept food diaries. My Consultant said that I should watch my free food portion sizes, cut them down and I would lose weight. I never went back as I thought the whole point of free food was eat as much as you like? I like food, I like eating!

I am thinking of joining another group as I like the social interaction. I know the plan inside out. But I don't want to join again if I am to be told to watch my free food intake

Can anyone else comment on this. Are there are Consultants here who could give me the official take?



p.s. I ask as I have had spag bol for tea and I am still peckish so was going to do some SW chips!
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If you hungry babes, eat! Simple! Just dont over fill yourself so you pop is all lol. Thats the beauty of SW.


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Yes you can in theory eat as much as you like until you are satisfied BUT the clue is in the words satisfies your hunger. Hunger signals are so important. So if you are truly hungry then eat more to satisfy your hunger until you are satisfied but if the feelings are more in your mouth (ie cravings) then try to delay and see if the message gets to your tummy. I think the official line is to concentrate on super free foods first, then free foods and healthy extras and finally syns. try to work out what your body is wanting . . something in your mouth or in your tummy ? (fine line for most people including me) Good luck xxxxx
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Well I just rejoined class tonight and my consultant said .... you can eat as much free food as you like without any weighing or measuring. Eat if you are hungry, just not for the sake of it!

J x


Grappling with life
Thanks! My tummy was a bit churny and its about that time I usually have the chocolate & biscuits and such. Have opted for a cup of tea and a penguin bar as I have a few syns left. Think I need to "read" my body a little more.

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