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can you eat too much


is gonna shine in 2009
The idea is to stop when you're full!

But free foods are free because they're low calorie/fat really, so I think if you ate just free foods all day, you'd still generally be under 1500 cals or whatever it is you need to lose weight.

So that's why you can nibble and much on free stuff, even if you're not hungry.

I saw another thread on this recently and I think opinion generally was, yes you can keep eating cos free food is free...but really you should try and stop when you're full!!

Clear as mud?! lol!
kirsty i thought that too when i started but im a living proof that stuffing your face with free foods does bloody work !!!


is gonna shine in 2009
Kitty you've done amazing girl x


is gonna shine in 2009
thanks hellie x
This is my hubby's constant argument with me. I shouldn't be allowed to eat as much free food as I do because at the end of the day it all comes down to calories in and calories out. He's an intelligent bloke but no matter how many times or different ways I explain it, he just can't see that free foods are FREE foods.

But to answer your question, yes eat as much free food as you like. That's why it's free :D

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