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Can you guys/gals helps with my problem, please?

Hi there not been on this part of the site before though have been on posting elsewhere.

I used to be doing WW diet but it was to expensive and didn't like the new plan one bit really (well I say that but it worked for me, just not my hubby) could have just stuck with old plan but well one thing led to another.

Anyway, I have been cutting out snacks and just eat my three daily meals at the mo (sort of the same as my hubby, though he eats a tad more then me)

Yesterday after getting up late and spending ages on the Wii Fit I ended up going to bed (after taking migraine pills) with the worst headache I have had in over a year (really did think it was going to turn into a migraine.)

I soon realised it was all down to one simple thing, I hadn't eaten enough during the day, to sustain me, especially when adding in that I did over 1hr on the Wii.

So I was wondering, how do I work out what is a good amount of calories to be eating each day to keep me going, so that I'm not starving myself and so I still lose weight but don't end up with headaches or migraines. I just wanted to work out if I have been eating enough calories or not lately. I'm 5ft 1 and 10 stone 11 is that helps?

Also after someone has kindly answered my last question how do I work out how many calories I can eat (which should be a higher number I dunno) if I also want to do lots of exercise as well, and don't want to feel awful afterwards.

What really got me thinking (I don't usually watch this show) was watching the biggest loser yesterday, (while my hubby was off getting me some pills, bless him) was that the orange team had not been eating enough calories and that's why they were struggling to do things and keep up with the others, and I wondered if that was my problem.

I'm trying hard to lose weight and be good but maybe I'm trying too hard and therein lies the problem.

Can anyone help please...

ooh Sorry for the long post lol
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I remember you from ww! I dont have any advice for you but it does sounds like you are not eating enough. You could use myfitness pal and add in a days worth of your food and see how many calories it is, then add in your excercise (which it adds to your calories) and see if you are in a negative amount of calories. I cant think of how else you could do it but im sure someone else will bealong to help you soon
Thanks, thats a great suggestion. I did sign up to the site a while a go, but that was pretty much as far as I went.

It certainly can't hurt to try...
S: 12st5lb G: 8st13lb
Let us know how you get on!
Let us know how you get on!
Having a little trouble with the site (it must be me) it doesn't seem to be that user friendly and some of the foods I can't find listed so can't add them to what I am eating during the day (maybe I'm doing something wrong that should be so simple)

Sure I will get the hang of it sooner or later? (I sure hope so)
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Go to a website that works out your BMR, some are only basic so you need to find one that asks how active you are. Once you know your BMR eat 500 calories less to lose 1lb a week or 1000 less to lose 2lbs per week. x

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