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can you have times where your deeper in ketosis

yesterday I really struggled - had a boiled egg in the end as was sooooo hungry proper hungry not mentally - then today I am fine again - and my mouth is proper metally - and not in the slightest bit phased by food - isn't it strange how it gets you !
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I guess that sometimes your body releases more ketones - maybe you have eaten less carbs or exercised more and need the energy from your fat stores. If ketones inhibit appetite then I assume more ketones will suppress appetite more. Whatever if it is working GREAT!!! well done you!!
thanks I guess that makes sense - I love it when I have days like today makes the diet so easy. xx
i know that if i don't have my shake for a longer time than usual that my mouth stinks more than ever and i feel thirstier.

i also have days where i feel hungry as in proper rumbly tums but not all the time. i've started having some savoury flavouring to counter act it. my first thing i do is drink another pint of water to fill me up and if i'm still hungry i have my savoury flavour stuff.

i do recon that you can get days where you're more into ketosis than others so less hungry.


Slowly but surely x
are you doing SS or SS+ moley?
I think I have to move down to that next week, i dont think Ive lost an ounce this week at all. I will be so upset if that is the case.
SS hun - I have the odd bit of chicken if I'm desperate but not proper SS+ - I'm moving up to SS+ in two weeks though x


Slowly but surely x
ugh, i dread ss+....dont think i could do SS neither...kudos to those that do
its actually easier on SS as you are having no food to think about but to be fair if your getting the same losses on 810 why fix what isn't broke see how you do this week bet you are nicely shocked xxxx

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