Can you help me choose my next supply?


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I am heading back to Scotland for a wedding next week and have contacted a cdc there to supply me. I am almost wetting myself with excitement as you guys have 3 more shake choices, 3 more soups, and four more bars than I do!!! I am going to buy 4 weeks supply so that when I get back to sweden I will have diversity for a change!

Now, I have searched the forums and know that there is mixed opinion on peoples favourite bars. So I think I will get 28 (7 each of Cranberry, Toffee, Orange and Peanut)

What about butterscotch, fruits of the forrest, and toffee and walnut shakes? I really do not like the strawberry, so I am sceptical of fruits of the forrest? Are these better warm or cold?

Soups-new ones for me will be chicken and mushroom, oriental chilli, and the new broccoli cheese. Any opinions?

I really am excited to get some new flavours but I am just so worried I will chose wrong and waste the opportunity to get some good and tasty variety in my life!
My tastes changed. When I first started I hated strawberry/FOF and banana. During the summer I lived on those 3 with lots of ice! Now I couldn't drink the first two .... but love the banana hot! Otherwise I drink cappucino hot or tomato or oriental chilli.

These are what I like - but as a CDC I sell all the range .... so what I'm not keen on someone else loves!

Sorry not more help - but hope you enjoy your new flavours and most CDC's will swap any you don't like .... by airmail maybe???!!!
Just another thought ... maybe you could take one of each of them ... I personally don't think any are that bad that you can't try them once! Then you may find you like something you didn't think you would!
my fav's are toffee & walnut real yummy !
banana nice on it's own or made into porridge - great for the cold mornings
chicken & mushroom soup - really rich & creamy, i could live on this !!
spicy tomato again quite creamy & rich
havn't tried any bars yet
hope this helps you
Hiya - I love them all !! sad or wot ???!!!

I get 4weeks supply at a time too....anyway - I find I get fed up with the same flavour all the time and always get a good mixture - say 4 or 5 of each....I have all of mine cold - with ice ! I know others like them hot...but just don't fancy that :rolleyes:

everyone's different....think it's a case of finding what works for you....sorry...not very helpful, I guess.....

Enjoy whatever you choose !!


My CDC keeps everything in stock, I get 4 weeks supply at a time but I have literally boxes of strawberry & enough bars so I can have 2 a week. I must be a touch odd as I don't mind just the strawberry although I may feel differently in a few months & try something else then?..
I hated butterscotch, but loved cappuccino. FoF is sort of blackcurrant flavoured, more like summer berry flavour to my mind (not sickly like strawberry). Makes a nice mousse. I wasn't wild about t&w but a lot of people really like it.
As for bars, I really only liked malt toffee, it isn't very malty at all. The crunchy ones are popular but I found they tasted like chaff after chewing for a bit!
Oriental chilli was my all time favourite soup, it has more "bits" in than the others.
We all have different tastes though, my CDC had one client who had eaten nothing but choc & mint shakes for months!