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Can you look at my food please.


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Can you please take a look and give me your opinion. Started proper Thursday and these are my meals:

2 x Weetabix - hexb
1 x 190ml skim milk, balance for tea and coffee - hexa

Lunch salad : New Pots skin on, red onion, sweetcorn, noodles with soy sauce, 100g reduced fat coleslaw 3.5 syns and 15g Sundried Toms which I am taking syn value for 28g which is 2.5

Dinner: Pasta, homemade syn free tom sauce, 115g chicken sprinkled with garlic salt and fried using frylite.

2 x Mullerlite

total syns for day 6, 1 x hexa and 1 x hexb

Same breakfast
Same lunch - except only 50g coleslaw
Dinner: syn free chips (done in actifry with frylite) 2 x fried eggs, Beans with 28g cheddar - hex-a
1 x semi frozen mullerlite

Total 2 x hexa and 1 x hex b and 4.25 syns.

Same breakfast
Pasta n Sauce - Broccoli and Cheese
Egg Curry with 175g rice- Scrummy homemade carries 1 syn for the curry paste.
2 x mullerlite

Total 1 x hexa and 1 x hexb and 1 syn.

So here is what concerns me, should I at this early stage really be making the effort to eat my hex's and my syns. My thinking is that if you reach a plateau you could reduce syns to jumpstart but if you are not eating syns you haven't anywhere to go.

Had a sneaky look at the scales this morning and since I last weighed myself on my own scales have lost about 3lb.

Have to say though I haven't felt the need for extra and it still goes against the grain to eat say a curly wurly when you are on a diet.

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It looks okay. You just need to get out of diet mode. You're not on a diet - you're on a healthy eating plan and eveything in moderation is the way to go.

You should make an effort to use your HEs as they are an essential part of a healthy diet and designed to make sure you get enough fibre and calcium, although if you miss the odd one it's not the end of the world.

Two suggestions though:
I would try not to have the same meal day in day out - you'll only get bored and fall off the wagon. Mixing things up also helps to keep the weight coming off.

And you seem to be having hardly any fruit and veg. Again it's a necessary part of a healthy eating plan and the more super speed foods you can introduce the better.
^^^^ Totally agree with Circes, if you think its a 'diet' it wont work for you.. eat that curly wurly! its only 6 syns. Make sure you eta lots of fruit and veg, alternate your meals and get creative.. use your HX as it wont work if you dont.. and enoying your syns is what makes sw so fab. I think what your doing so far is absoloutly fine.. just some tips to keep it working for you.

.. also.. i would advise weighing yourself outside of class.. scales can vary drastically and i will never forget weighing myself in my third week and thinking i'd lost 4, when in fact i lost one. Still a loss but i was gutted. Never weighed outside of class since! xxx Good luck with your sw plan hun x


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It is difficult to get your head out of diet mode I agree, but as another poster has said SW isn't really a diet it's a healthy sustainable way of eating where nothing is forbidden, enjoy the plan ;) It's the best one for miles in my opinion :D

Your food looks fine, munch away on free foods and super free foods too to give you a wee boost.



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I thought I was doing okay on the veg with lettuce, sweetcorn etc. Not a big fan of fruit must admit, have bought strawberries to mix with rice pudding or mullerlite if my kids don't eat them all first.

The only reason for taking the same meal to work is ease, did make a pasta salad today though which was nice, pasta, red pepper, red onion, sweetcorn, sundried toms and 2tbsp of 2% fat honey and mustard (which will be a syn). Taking the same thing for work is not a problem for me as I tend to eat on the go and its just for filling a gap. If I wasn't trying to lose weight then I would normally take a wrap with coleslaw and ham and a ww yog. Not worried about bread, despite the fact that its homemade every day.

I did make the egg curry yesterday which I am also going to have today only because I divided it into to two. In fact as I have got some of the greek yogurt left I make make it again tomorrow but will probably freeze it.

Re weighing outside of class, we have a weekly wednesday weigh in at work as well but the only one I will be noting will be the sw one.


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Oooh egg curry sounds yum, is it easy to do?

My scales at home are 6lbs heavier than SW ones, I weighed myself on them once just before official WI and nearly died of shock! lol
you could try the different varities of batchelors pasta/rice packets. theres loads and they'r all suitable to take to work and warm up.. most are either free or of a low syn value. xxx chinese rice is yum with bbq sauce and chicken! x


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you could try the different varities of batchelors pasta/rice packets. theres loads and they'r all suitable to take to work and warm up.. most are either free or of a low syn value. xxx chinese rice is yum with bbq sauce and chicken! x
My two favourites are luckily broccoli and cheese and also the leek one but not sure if thats free.


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Hi Maria

Really easy, take two onions and finely slice and fry in frylight (recipe called for oil but I used the wok frylight), fried them gently for 10 mins or so. You then add 2 x tbsp of Pataks Tikka Masala (2 syns - I used a proper measuring spoon and used level but recipe called for heaped). Cook for two mins then add 400g chopped toms and 200ml of water and cook for 10 mins or so. At this point I tasted it and added a few extra ingredients all of which I believe are free, no particular measures just a few sprinkles. I added chilli flakes, salt and pepper, cumin, tumeric and fengueek. Now at this point the curry is ready for your eggs but I actually chose to blend this to a smooth curry sauce, its a matter of choice. Hope this didn't add any syns.

Boil a couple of eggs (actually I am having three tonight) and then halve them and add to the sauce. I actually put them on top of the rice and then poured the sauce on top as I intend to save half the sauce. So in total each serving was 1 syn.


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