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can you pick?



I will be skinny again!!!

Its total food replacement!

So nadda, nothing Zilch!


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NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


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I echo chels and jan - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

what would be the point in doing a total food replacement diet if you picked at food? You'd be wasting your money.
No anything you eat even if not carbs your body can transform into carbs. Have a look at the Lipotrim website there are some video's on therre I find them really helpful and watch them every now and then x
ill pass it on to her big time! ill shout if i have to
no idea i havent really asked. she mentioned she was on the diet and wanting to pick at things.

minis got brought up and i told her to join and said ill ask about the food.


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Aww wish her luck - its bad on the Pharmacists fault for not going through everything with her.

Show her the site www.lipotrim.co.uk and ask her to watch the video.
All she is allowed to have on lipotrim is

3 shakes per day
At least 2 litres of water.
Black tea or coffee.
Any leaf tea, eg green tea, peppermint tea, but no fruit teas.
I have heard of people saying that if you were desperate then plain chicken or boiled egg may do the least damage so I understand why you mention this, the part I like about this diet is the fact that you break that chain of having to have food at all and by replacing it totally with shakes it kind of frees you up and actually take a weight off your shoulders (quite literally!). Good luck :)

And most of us on here would have slipped up, trick is to get over it and back onto Lipotrim :)


Here we go again!
When I first started my pharmacist said if I really fancied something to eat then to have a little cheese and a cracker, it wont do any harm!! Couldn't believe I knew more about the diet than she did and I hadn't even started yet.

I wish the chemists were a bit more clued up about LT before giving out that sort of advice.


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I agree - some chemists really dont know a thing - am quite lucky mine are ace :) lol
TFR= Total food replacement, my pharmacist made sure that I had watched the video and understood it. There really is a clear lack of understanding from some pharmacists a colleague of mine also on LT wih a different pharmacist was told that if she felt hungry to eat tuna........
if you look at my post from earlier today, the ruslut of sneaky picks last week only 1/2 off. i just thought oh a little really wont hurt....but it does!

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