Can you recommend any syn free or low syn sausages


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The weight watchers premium sausages are only half a syn each but are a little pricey for just 6.


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I just placed an order with Joes Sausages. They list the Syns on the website and aparently are really nice!


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Most of the supermarkets have reduced fat sausages that are around half to one syn per sausage on red/EE. Then you also have the quorn and meatfree ones for green/EE that go from syn free to around 1.5 syns depending on the brand. There are a number of threads on the subject of sausages and everyone will have their own favourites so I suggest you do a search and then just try a few until you find one you like.


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My order from Joe's should be arriving today so I will let you know if they are any good


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Funcurls, my mate and fellow MiniMinns member, has told me about a website called (think thats correct) she said they deliver sausages that are syn free. Must be that they got lean meat in them. She told me they make reference to Slimming World diet by saying they are syn-free! How cool is that? Quorn sausages can be a little boring at times!!!


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Hellooo, tis I funcurls, the aforementioned sausage fiend! Its [url= and they are officially certifief by SW as syn free, as well as some of their other products! Pricey, but nicey, and think about how much some peeps spend on takeaways, or fags!!!!xxx


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Re: the price of Joe's sausages.

Apparently Joe's and other SW acredited suppliers have to pay SW quite a hefty fee to get the certificate hence the price.

I have seen places around that have decided to stop paying for the certificate and reduce their prices BUT that does mean they could change their recipes and not have to say.


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Thanks for that Sue. I am happy to pay the price for Joes as the products are great quality and the peace of mind KNOWING they are free is invaluable


Thanks for all the help and advice. I am also a sausage fiend and have lots of options to explore for little or no syns. Will definately check out the Joes ones.

Cheers M xx :)