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Can you swap between SS and SS+ on the diet?


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I think some people do this, and indeed I have done it, but fir best results it's best to stick to one or the other for a week.

If you are finding ss hard, why not move up to ss+? The losses are very similar and it works better for some people.


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My CDC says it's ok to do, although I don't think it's 'officially' recommended.

I would think you're better off doing that than having a blip though!
I just cant see the problem doing both :)

Its literally about another 170 cals extra per day on SS+ ..i mainly do it coz i treadmill 5 times a week so mines for the extra calories plus i like 'food' too much to just have shakes etc x
My CDC says it's fine too! x
I've been swopping from one day to the next, just depending on my needs. I start the day doing SS, but if by the end of the day I feel I need a bit more I just have another shake or bar. It keeps me from cheating and It's still within the "rules"!! Hope this helps xx


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Well I am doing exactly that as we speak....

I have had 2.5 CD packs today and I'm on 810. I'm 5ft7 and cannot SS however yesterday due to being sick I didn't feel like eating and I SS'd on 3 pack and nibbled on 10 nuts and 2 TBS of low fat yoghurt. I am just about to have porridge and thinking that later I might have another pack instead of a meal. If I really focus I might just have half a hot choc drink and this would make 4 packs (might try really had for that one).

But yeah some days you need something and when doing SS after 4 weeks you must do SS+ and this is because your body needs to be tricked into thinking it is doing something different so the losses or stall in losses pass. I can never ever have the strength to commit 100%.
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I've been 100% since day one not cheated on a single thing in 9 weeks think it's helped by doing ss+ and really think more people should give ss plus a go to stop the nibbles LOL
I have been thinking about going up to SS+ as have been struggling with SS so thanks for all the info. Think I will keep the option of an extra shake in the evening as this is where the 'eat eat eat ' thoughts kick in and its exasperating after having a good day to sabotage results buy a stupid last minute nibble.


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That's exactly what I'm thinking - definitely going to move up to SS+ after I weigh tomorrow. I've been 100% on SS (for 7 weeks) but now I feel the need to move up a step. I've also been wondering whether I could swap and change from SS to SS+ and I think I now know the answer!!

I can't wait to have some chicken... woohoo!!



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Hey Laurie.

I forget the exact weights, but its a smallish amount of lean protein - suck as skinless chicken, white fish (no oily fish), tuna, or Quorn (good as you can have a fair amount with your meal), fat free cottage cheese or quark. You can have two tablespoons of green/white veggies such as salad leaves so long as they are low carb. Sounds a bit plain and boring, but when you are used to doing SS the meals are a great break. I'm at work now so not sure of the quantities - perhaps someone else knows??

I also use cholua chilli sauce from asda - it has literally a couple of cals and next to zero carbs. Highly recommended.

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