Can you tell me you favourite bars or most disliked even


they are the scrummient yummiest things ever in the world, and I didnt even like peanuts before!!!
Orange CD bar....yummy out of the fridge or made into biscuits!

Malt toffee CD above very fudgey

OMG I want one now and haven't got any
I didn't particularly like any... sorry!

The caramel and toffee were most favourable though! Though there are no bars in my next order! I quite like the idea of putting them in the freezer though... maybe this improves them!

Absolutely addicted to the choc orange and after that it's got to be in order.........


Not as keen on the new cranberry and really can't even try the peanut one - to be fair I really, really hate peanuts so that could be why lol
Cranberry is OK, makes a change to have a bar but I can only eat half

Haven't tried Peanut my CDC doesn't stock them.

All the others are pretty vile. I didn't use bars until my 12th week and am glad. Then when I needed motivating to get back on track they could be added to make it feel like a new start. I love most of the soups and shakes and not so keen on the bars, but know others who love them.
I loved the malt one. Definitely my fav.
Orange with the plain choc is lovely.
Like the cranberry and peanut - even though didn't at first. But then I liked the LL flapjack bar!!!!

Enjoy which ever ones you try ... but don't forget to have extra fluid with them.

Beverley xx
Interesting, looks like its mixed really so will try all just once. Non are dark chocolate are they cos I hate dark chocolate

The Chocolate Orange one is dark chocolate I think

I have tried the malt one and the peanut one up to now...the malt bar is gorgeous and will definately have it again, the peanut one...all I can say is it tasted like peanut shells that you discard not peanut lol...was pretty hard (even without being in the fridge) so if you have alot of fillings I'd recommend you avoid or you could end up with a trip to the dentist :eek:
Definately cranberry then malt !!! cranberry out of the fridge as it goes nice and hard so lasts ages ,tastes like a little bit of luxury !! LOVE IT!!
Malt toffee wins hands down for me!! Not that keen on any others although cranberry is OK from time to time. Love chocolate orange and dark chocolate but the chocolate orange bars are far too sweet for me.