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taking one day at a time
im a body optomising member .I am not happy at the moment with the plan I have only lost at the most 1lb a week and sts I have had 2 flexi days since xmas but still loss is low have changed to red and green days this week but just wondered if there was a sort off boost plan to give weigh loss a boost .I have cancelled my subscription but before I give up all togethre wanted to know if anyone can help and give me any tips :wave_cry:
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The success express plan is supposed to give your losses a boost. It works by eating three meals a day where one third of your plate is made up of red and green free foods (you can mix them up on this plan) and then the other two thirds of the plate are made up of superfree food, or foods that are free on either plan - so loads of fruit and veg. You're still allowed your healthy extra's and sins during the day, but you're just restricting the red and green free foods during your meal and bulking up on vegetables.

I've used it before as a bit of a boost, and it does work!

1lb a week is still a good steady loss - it works out to 4 stone over a year!


Reached Target. woohoo
Success Express is really good, iv'e done it for a week on 3 different occasions. I lost 4lbs first time and 3lbs the next 2 times, i wouldn't recommend it for more than a week at a time. You could try it for a couple of days and see how it goes, just remember to fill up on Superfree foods. xxx


yo-yo dieter no more!
Also, looking at your stats, it doesn't look as if you have a great deal to lose, so often it comes off slower.
I know it seems unfair, but you probably won't be able to lose weight at the same rate as people who have got a lot more to lose.
Keep going hunny, I hope that the boost plan works for you, but don't beat yourself up over it, a loss is a loss and you are doing well, even if it doesn't feel like it.:hug99:


taking one day at a time
thank you all I have about a stone and half to loose then maybe a bit more im gonna give it a go but I know people with less to loose have lost and done ok so will just stick with it x
Hi Mummy2beslim

Everyone looses the weight at different rates I have loads to loose but it coming off slower than I thought. I too got down about it a fw days ago but you have to look at it like its a lifestyle change rather than a diet - I know now I am eating much better than I have ever done previously.

I knows it hard when all you want is for it to come off but how gutted will you be if you decide that this is not for you and then on a couple of months your still where you are (not saying that you dont have the will power to do it alone) but this is what I do and each time I get a few months down the line and kick myself that I am still in the same place as I was months ago when I could have stuck to it and lost my 1lb each week and be closer to target!

Its hard but you can do it!!


taking one day at a time
thnak you I have cancelled my subscription to bodyoptomise but still following the plan I have all the info aI need I have the book with all the syns for supermarkets etc Ihave free food booklets extra easy booklet the booklet that gives youall the hx's and details soff red green mix 2 match and sicess express so ill be fine its only the same as going on line to look at it as Idont go to meetings only use the site for syns so will save me £20 a month towards xmas presents :)

I hope you don't mind if I ask, but are you exercising too? Although slimming world says you don't have to, I find that if I don't exercise then I only lose between 0.5 and 1lb a week.

Last time I did slimming world it took months to lose a stone, but this time, with exercise, I have lost 9lb so far in just 4 weeks.

Hope that helps, it might be what your metabolism needs!!


taking one day at a time
thank you I think you are right I defiantly need to exercise more I usually do a lot off walking as I have a little boy and I push him in the buggy walking to town etc ,it is very hilly here and pushing a little one up the hills is hard work and then at weekends we walk about 5 miles weather permitting but last couple off weeks not walked as much really and once the weather gets better on a sunday we cycle 11 miles along the canal so missing that as well .I keep saying ill set my alarm earlier to do a dvd but cant motivate myself earlymorning inthis cold lol
i havent really got any advice, but i wanted to say i think your doing the right thing giving it another go and i really hope it pay off for u!! good luck!! x


taking one day at a time
aw thank you I hyave all the info so not giving up just cancelling my body optomise for what I use it for its a waste off money for me really
Hi there - is it possible that you can get to class and see a consultant - you may be doing something wrong that they will be able to spot - also you get the support of the other members - whereabouts in West Yorkshire are you - I'm in Halifax and there is a great club on a Monday


taking one day at a time
you know what I may join a club as 3 weeks a go a class started near me in Huddersfield but I had just signed up for body optimise so could not do both but may ring the number and speak to consultant its only about a 2 min walk away x
Do it!! There's something about going to a class and the support you get from the other members that spurs you on!

Good luck!
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