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cannot find quark anywhere help!!


I Will & I Can!!
hello ladies

basically ive got an addiction to the slimming world quiches and i used to go to tesco or asda to get the quark....well now..i cant find it anywhere its like they have discontinued it.

really annoying i walked round in a circle 3 times the other day trying to find it!!


any1 no any places that do it. we havent got somerfield or morrisons in my town tho :( or cud i use something else in the quiche..ive tryed cottage cheese but it goes alll watery after its cooked

thanks xxx
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Only place I ever find it is in Sainsbursy!


I Will & I Can!!
ooo havent tryed there will do thanks u xxxxxxx
get mine from tescos but do have to search for it good luck :)


I can usually get it in all the big supermarkets also.

The only time I seem to have bother is in the new yea. It must be all those new dieters looking for it :D
I got some from Asda. When I asked for it though they gave me a funny look lol.
Mine is also in Asda, but on the end of an aisle if you know what I mean. If you cant find it, ask to speak to the dairy produce manager! If he doesnt know what it is, he shouldnt be working there!! It was in mine today, hope this helps


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I get Quark often, you can get it in Asda, Tesco has just started stocking it, Morrisons have it as well.

In Asda go to the section where you get Mozzarella balls etc it's around there.



I Will & I Can!!
thanks ladies,

really goin 2 have a good look tomoro even if it kills me lol!!

and will defo talk to the dairy manager geeza lol. thanks again xxx


I Will & I Can!!
FOUND IT lol. it was near all the special posh cheeses thanks ladies :)

I know you have found it now, but in future you could also try Lidl or Aldi (if you have them), they are German companies and Quark is used in everything and very popular in Germany.

Speaking as someone here that can't get Fromage frais or total greek yogurt!


I Will & I Can!!
ive got a lidl right near me, thanks :))))
Well Quark, is sort of like that, it is creamy and more a base to sweeten or spice/flavour up, i would thinks its more like Fromage Frais (almost) than Phily, you can eat it on it's own but is best if you add something to it.

I like to add a small amount of sweetener and a touch of fizzy water, whip it up and add to fresh fruit, like whipped cream or i tried a receipe i found on MM, add smoked salmon, fresh lemon juice and black pepper to make a savoury spread for Scan bran/Ryvita, now that we lovely :)

There is a quark thread on here with other easy recipes

Good luck


I Will & I Can!!
hi laura,

i always use quark for the SW quiches, it looks too bland and tasteless to eat on toast ect. but its lovely in the quiche.

good luck xxxxx

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