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cant be bothered to go to


is getting better at it
weigh in tonight :(
Been looking forward to it all day and now i am home i cant be asked to walk all that way.
I knew this would happen a few weeks in and i get bored and not bother any more it happens all the time. Plus my ibs is playing up wicked so i know when i get on the scales it will show a gain as i am full up with air.
Still on the plus side other half has gone away for the week so i can please myself and eat what i want to :p so am going to go through the recipes to see if i can get some interest in the plan back
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I will succeed!!!
Is it to late to set off??? Go to group hun - you'll feel better for it later??? Talk to your C about your feelings and see if they can help xxx
Aww, I can relate to that - I actually haven't even joined a group because I do exactly the same thing when I go on my own - I start off really well, go and get weighed every week, and then I end up thinking "ah, I can't be bothered to go this week, I'll go next week" and that carries on until it's just too late to go back.

I find it helps a LOT if I'm going with someone else though (if someone else is relying on me going with them then it's not so easy to get out of - really keeps me going with the meetings), so if you know anyone else who's doing SW, or is thinking of doing SW, then maybe suggest you go together - might help :)

Bit of a self fulfilling profecy (I'm so sorry for the crap spelling, it's way off lately!), you say you get bored and give up after a few weeks and look now it's happening! You need a more positive attitude, try saying "In the past I have been known to quit but this time I will stick to it because it's worth it!"
thats exactly how i felt today been so run down this week and thought no i not going lol so i had a long long soak in the bath was lush!


is getting better at it
thanks, i know if the scales showed a gain tonight i would have given up, but i am now cooking the cheesy chicken and bacon from the recipe section for my dinner and have the doner loaf in the oven for my lunch tomorrow so have spent the time off planning ahead for the week
thanks again
Glad to see you're back on track Karen! And you're doing exactly the right thing motivating yourself with cooking. Experimentation leads to success! Oh and I couldn't view that email you sent the other day btw....it was just a grey box....or was it meant to be just a grey box? lol :D

K xx


Finding inspiration
Don't defeat yourself! It's a slippery slope. If you stop going... a year from now you'll still be at a weight you're unhappy with and be thinking to yourself, "dammit! If only I'd kept going I'd have lost a whole bunch of weight by now..." Don't let that happen!! Have a word with yourself. Remember the feeling that drove you to join in the first place and fire up that motivation again! Keep going! You can do it!
Do you get involved with other people at class? I have found the last cpl times I joined a group I didn't really click with anyone, I would sit not really talking to people. So no-one would really notice if I was there or not. This time I have really tried to get involved, I sit with a group of people and have found it makes a big difference to me. In a way, it gives extra motivation to keep going - agree with you Marie-D :)

Wish you the best for this week, I am getting back on to the plan 100% - lets hope we have a fab week ahead! :D
Sorry you were feeling that way, but hopefully you feel in a more positive mood today. Is there another night you could go to class on and get weighed, its the slippery slope if you let it slip, one missed week leads to another etc. Just face up to it, get weighed and move on. Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy your recipes. xx


is getting better at it
thanks all i feel in a better mood today and am going to try and find one later if i get my cab back, just going to have a look on the website

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