Cant believe how great this diet is

Sweet Cheeks

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Hey guys
Just a quick post to say how great slimming world is i have never done a diet where u can eat sooooo much food and still lose weight :eek:,

Ive just polished off some lovely mash, beans and quorn lamb grills GORGEOUS and for pud im gunna have a sliced banana, strawberries and yoghurt poured over the top Mmmmm :p
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i couldnt agree with u more


I am one of the 63336
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I know exactly what you mean. I'm feeling stuffed and I've not had any syns today .............. yet!!

Sweet Cheeks

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Yup i barely get to use my sins as i fill up on free foods its great xx


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Same for me as well sue - gr8 aint it . Time will tell on the scales wed for first wi.
Gll 2 e1 for their wl journey x

i know exactly what you mean. I'm feeling stuffed and i've not had any syns today .............. Yet!!


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Its wonderful isn't it, so much variety which helps as its when we get bored with our food we eat the wrong things. xxx


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I think Food Optimising is genius, I really do. I only wish I'd tried it years ago.

Glad you're getting on so well with it. :)


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ahhh it's great isnt it, i eat mixed grills, spag bols, chillis and everyone wonders how on earth i can loose weight but i do ! i love it you just need a bit of imagination xxx


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before i started sw i always used packet sauces and jars etc now i do the sauce from scratch and even if i do say so myself make a mean spag bol lol