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Can't believe I still sticking at it...

Had my week 7 weigh-in today and lost 5lbs which I'm pretty pleased with after a lower weight loss last week. I've amazed myself that I've managed to stick to this 100% and am more optimistic that I will stick it out until the end.

A total of 2.5 stone in 7 weeks -if i could just shift another 1.5 I'll be somewhere in the region of where I want to be. Having to visit the pharmacist each week has definetely kept me on the straight and narrow and I must say he's been really good and encouraged me every step of the way - because I had to go in a couple of days late last week when I got there he said he'd missed me and was going to give me a call to see if I was OK. I'm not sure if he would have but the sentiment was nice.

Onward for another week (although for the last two weeks have only been able to stomach the strawberry) so all getting a bit samey but never mind it's all my own fault I need to be doing this in any event.

Seeing others doing so well and achieving their goals is still a great motivator and I think the best advice i read at the beginning when I started out was to see the shake as medicene which would make me better. I think that everytime I pick up yet another glass of strawberry!

Thanks everyone for making this all a bit easier for me.

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Hey woozle, thats brilliant you are doing so well and your so close to goal now, im the same with the shakes can only deal with the strawberry & vanilla and i have the flapjacks in the morning with coffee, this website has definately kept me going, ive been spurred on by everyones success stories and also be the invaluble advice from all the girlies, best of luck with the rest of your weight loss journey,,
Well done! so pleased for you :) Your well over the 1/2 way mark now so keep going strong! lol I think the same, its my medicine to cure Fat! Hope you have another good week, take care x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on your loss. A great positive post as well. I had times when I hated the shakes but kept pushing through. The effort is so worth it in the end. Good luck for next week.
well done nearly there now keep up the good work :)

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