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I cant believe it i have just caved and had a massive chinese really annoyed and disappointed with myself.cant believe i did it.feel like crying:cry:
i know i shouldnt feel sorry for myself and its all my fault.
I have already decided just to accept it as a mishap and start afresh tomorro but now im worrying about how much this will affect my weigh in on monday,im only on day 2....what you think
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Girl on a mission
Hey hun

Well whats done is done as you know, but just see it as a blip and get straight back on to cd tomorrow, this sounds horrid but I think it's better you blipped today than when you have fully got yourself into ketosis. You still have 4 days till your weigh in so you should still see a loss, but even if it's just a little loss, remember you blipped and week 2 weigh in should be even better:eek:

I'm sure most people have a blip at some point so chin up hun, treat tomorrow as a new day and i'm sure you'll be fine:p


100% all the way!
awwww, never mind, head up and forget about it! xxx 4 days to weigh in it might not even show on the scales! xxx


Laugh, love, live!
Hey I'm the blip queen.................lol..drink plenty of water and get straight back on the wagon hon. Try and look at the reasons why you ate the chinese (apart from the obvious, ie, delicious!) then you may have a better understanding of how to handle that situation if it arises again. We're only human hon, don't be so hard on yourself, this is a hard diet to do and you ARE worth the effort x


Please kick my butt!!
All i can say is "Tommorrow is another day" get a good nights kip. have the bottle of water by the bed ready for a fresh start tommorrow and Good Luck


loving life
Just start tomorrow afresh and don't dwell on it. Don't weigh yourself until your cdc does on weigh in day. I'm sure you are gonna still have a good loss if you stick to it from tomorrow and the second week will be even better. Have a think why you went for the chinese though hun as part of this diet really is a head game and you need to be in the right place to get through it. Good luck xx


Shut up Ethel
Well, you can't change the past - what's done is done.

Why did you do it though?
im not really sure why i did it.i was feeding my son and hungry its my TOTM aswell and my OH bought it and i ended up eating it trust me it wont happen again ive learned my lesson.i really hope it doesnt show when i get weighed.
thanks for all your understanding guys x big hugs xx


Silver Member
fatandfetup does your OH not really want you to do CD? It seems he's trying to sabotage you a couple of times already! Can you have a heart to heart with him about how important this is to you. I really think that getting support from your partner is vital to succeed. x x
yea i have already tried the heart to heart bit he just seems to think if i get skinny i will leave him for someone else ive reassured him i wont but i did say if he carries on being unsupportive i will leave him 4 someone else and it will be his own fault


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Ah, see I think this is the heart of the problem. While he is buying you chinese and wafting chocolates under your nose you have little hope of being able to stick to CD. It is hard enough as it is without that.

You have to find a way to reassure him. My husband has the same concerns, that I will leave him when I am slim! You just have to drum home how important this is to your health. (I found crying helped :D )
yea i do that lol makes them feel bad got to be cruel to be kind sometimes lol.
dont let it get you down chick, move forward and learn from it. Like you said yourself it was a one off blip and I dont think any of us on here can really say that we hadn't had one of those.

So come on hun its not the end of the world, brush yourself down and start afresh in the morn and drink lots of water. Take care

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