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cant believe it


Yes its true.

As long as you are eating til satisfied and not til you are stuffed and feeling a bit queasy. Make sure you are filling your plate with a 1/3 superfree to.

Ps ....Welcome to minimins :D
I thought it was too good to be true but, if you follow the rules, it definitely works! Good luck x
Trust the diet, relax and enjoy all that you're allowed to eat!

Have a look at other people's stats on this forum - they're a testomony to how well the diet works!
I believe its not compulsary the 1/3 superfree rule, but it's a good rule to follow in my opinion and good losses show from it!
It will not work aswell without the 1/3 superfree, you are supposed to have it, the idea is it stops you overeating other stuff. That's why both meat and carbs are free on EE. One of them has to be limited on red and green because you don't have to fill up with fruit and veggies, so you could easily overeat.
Oops meant to say welcome! xxx
must you eat the superfree foods,or can you leave that third of your plate empty.
Whilst the 1/3 superfree isn't compulsory, it helps to keep you full for longer and gives your body the nutrients it needs. Regardless of whether you're having the 1/3 superfree, we should still be eating 5 portions of fruit and veg a day anyway.


If i'm honest and if i'm following EE I tend only to have the 1/3 superfree with my evening meal, it hasn't done me any harm, but if I can fit it in at other meals I do.

I'm not really a big fruit eater so it does hinder me a little.

I do eat lots of veg though but I do think the 1/3 superfree is a good idea on the plan.


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Sw was never about not combining protein and carbs - on a green day you can have quorn and pulses as free foods, both of which are high in protein.

The one third superfree is recommended by SW. If you tend to pile your plate high with carbs then making sure you follow this is a great idea because it will help to limit the carb intake
I have a hard time eating all my veg. But I would say I eat about 5 pieces of fruit a day and squeeze my favorite veggies in where I can. In an ideal world, I think 1/3 would be the way forward. Not always possible for me with how much I work and a needy 3 year old. I keep telling myself that I'll make time to portion veg out for the day (peel and cut carrot batons etc) but it never seems to happen. Tomorrow is Saturday so I'm going to do my best to get that done...although I still have to go to work...in a restaurant...ugh
MommyNOriana said:
I keep telling myself that I'll make time to portion veg out for the day (peel and cut carrot batons etc) but it never seems to happen.
I don't always have time either but I buy bags of frozen veg from Tesco. You just throw them in a pan of boiling water or the microwave for 3 mins or I add them to pasta n sauce or savoury rice while it's cooking. I try and have fresh veg whenever I can but this is a great way of saving time and still eating healthily when you are busy. (Just be careful when buying mixed bags as peas and sweetcorn are free, not superfree so don't count towards your 1/3)

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