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Can't break the biscuit habit.....

Hi - I have been regularly checking in as a guest for some time now - recipes are a Godsend :))
Today I have finally took the courage to join ......I need help with my biscuit addiction - I leave weigh in with so much confidence that this is going to be the week and then I get home and think oh 1 biscuit won't matter but it isn't one - it's almost a packet......how does everyone else get over this ? I know I haven't loads of weight to lose but it's really depressing me.....HELP x
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...we're sinking deeper.
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One option would be, don't buy the biscuits! Or - if you must, take one biscuit out of the packet, and before you even start, put the packet back in the cupboard, preferably on a high shelf (get on a chair and put it up HIGH!), then savour the biscuit. Every time you want another, you'll need to take one out and put it back up there! Sooner or later you'll go 'ahhh screw it, can't be asked to climb that chair again!'.

At least, I hope. xD

Another option would be, treat the biscuit as a treat. Do some excercise, do some hoovering or housework at the end of which - you allow yourself one. Put a paper on the wall in your kitchen, and physically write down every biscuit that you have. It will act as a visual aid for your biscuit cravings and how many you've already had. Visual stimulus can help. :)
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Well either don't buy the biscuits


Just buy like one individual cookie.

Same satisfaction but only 1
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I'd chart whenever you want a biscuit and why. Welcome!
I think so too.....thanks Jim - it's usually boredom - when the children are having their tea - I've prepared ours ........

I'm on SW - and in the most loving it......
Just discovered though that Morning Coffee are only 1 sin each - so might give them a whirl and see if a couple of them satisfy my craving ;)

Also found out that 2 x Alpen light bars can be Hex B so that is another option....

Thank you to everyone and what a wonderful forum :eek:
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Good luck!
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Hiya I know that feeling too well lol its so hard when u have kids but i tend to have a biscuit as a treat though i have got carried away a few times when ive made myself as cuppa 1 dip 2 dip lol and before u know it the whole pack has gone... you can do it think positive :) best of luck

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