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Back again need a good kick up the bum

S: 12st4.0lb
Hello, I'm feeling rather a failure and trying to dredge up the motivation to begin another journey of weight loss.

Knowing I need to lose weight, and feeling like crap in my own body just isn't giving the motivation to actually DO anything about it just think about it, then feel even more guilty that I still haven't made any effort.

Having yoyo dieted all my life and veered between being 3 or 4 stone overweight to brief spells of getting down to what I'd consider an acceptable, healthy and comfortable weight, then up and down and up again. About 5 years ago I finally managed to acheive what I felt was the right weight for me a little higher than what I'd been trying to stick at before but at the upper edge of a healthy BMI and a size I felt I looked pretty good at and felt much fitter and more active at almost 3 stones lighter than usual..

But over the following 4 years I still yoyo'ed but not as much putting back 5 lbs then losing 4 putting on 10 then dieting off 8 but thats eant that gradually I put back a stone, which still left me felling not so bad, then really suddenly and quickly in about 3 months I've lost all control and ballooned a further 20lbs! So now I am almost back to where I was 5 years ago and I just keep thinking I can't do it all over again, every time it gets harder and harder to shift any weight and at the back of my mind is the thought that once its off I won't be able to keep it off for long. 2016 is the year I will hit 60 which kind of terrifies me but I really don't want to be 60 and obese.

I am intending to go back to slimming world this week as having a goup to attend helped me before but I intended to start last week and managed to find excuses as to why I couldn't go and talked myself out of it.

I know that once I begin to lose weight I'll feel so much better in myself, healthwise as well as in confidence and motivation, but if anyone can think of anything to say that might help get me motivated enough to actually make an effort - NOW and not next week, month or year, I'd so appreciate it. so much.
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Starting over
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Get back to slimming world!!!! Regret and guilt is a terrible thing to live with, do you want to keep feeling bad about it or take control and feel positive? The sooner you take the plunge and get started the sooner you will feel better. You don't have to wait until group to get started, your an old hand, go plan some meals, it might be the motivation you need to get to group.


Next year Rodders I'll be a size 12.....
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Hi, this could have been me writing this! I was 60 last year and vowed this time last year to be "slim at sixty"....needless to say I wasn't! However this year I'm determined to do it-I really like SW as a diet but am doing a VLCD this time as I really need to get some weight off quickly to reduce the strain on my knee joints as I've got really bad arthritis. Unfortunately as we get older our bodies are less able to cope with excess weight-I've struggled all my life, like you I got down to a weight I was happy with a few years ago, but unfortunately have put it all back on. Come on...we can do this! If you want to buddy up with a fellow 60 year old to motivate each other I'd be more than happy!

Nicky xx
S: 12st4.0lb
Thankyou Jhsax I'm going to SW on Wednesday :)

Nicky good to hear from you, what is VLCD? I know what you mean I have arthritis too, it's worst in my back, knees, elbows and wrists. I am definitely rejoining SW this Wednesday and have heard today from a friend who went at the same time as me last time and we're going to go together so I don't feel quite to bad about going. Id love to have you as a slimming buddy and support each other. I'm quite new on these forums can we send each other private messages?

Also any idea how I add a photo to my profile?


Next year Rodders I'll be a size 12.....
S: 17st10lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 0st13lb(5.24%)
VLCD stands for Very Low Calorie Diet, usually meal replacement ones like Cambridge, LighterLife, Exante etc. They're usually about 500-600 calories a day if you are doing the total food replacement plan, most have options to add a low carb meal which is what I do. I love slimming world, I've done quite well on it in the past but need to shift the weight quickly this time. Sorry to hear you have arthritis too, it's no fun is it? I also have it in my lower spine and hands, but it's my knees that are worst affected and I can hardly walk it's so painful. That's my main motivation for trying to finally shift it this time, I know I need knee replacements as there is no cartilage there at all, but can't have them done until I lose weight. So I would really appreciate you as a slimming buddy too, hopefully we can keep each other going over the next few months!

I'm new to this forum too, I'm not sure whether you can send private messages or not? I'll try to find out. To add a photo I think you go to your profile and click on the box above your name, it gives you the prompt to upload one. Think that's how I did it! Good luck! xx


SW - On a journey!
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Welcome to Minis :) Good luck on your journey, you can do it, you know you've done it before so you can do it again. Loosing weight is not that hard...it's keeping it off that's the hard bit and most importantly of all changing your relationship with food :)
S: 12st4.0lb
Hi there, Ticketyboo how's it going? I still can't find out how to add a picture or send private messages myabe you need so many posts before you can do either? I rejoined Slimming world last Wednesday and was delighted to be welcomed back with open arms, literally (never been hugged so much) and met up with a few old friends. I weighed in at 12 stone 4lbs which is horrid but could be worse if I don't take action now. At my heaviest I was 13 and a half stones. My ideal target weight is 9 stone 10, but I'll be happy to get back down below 11 stones. The first 2 days I was floundering a bit as the plans changed slightly and I had lots of the wrong kind of food in the house. I cleaned out my freezer and cupboards and did a big restock with lots of free and healthy extra foods and am feeling tons more positive and as though I'm taking control again. I'll let you know after tomorrow how it goes at weigh in.


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Hi all, Janet and Nicky , I think you need fifty posts before you get to PM and post pics but may need to check it out as I am not totally sure. I have been a minmins since early 2014 and have been up and am now back down 1 stone. Still have at least 1 1/2 stones to lose and preferably a bit more!

I am wishing all the best for all in their quest to be lighter. I am doing 5:2 which has curbed my appetite lots. So I'll plod on!! :cool:


Next year Rodders I'll be a size 12.....
S: 17st10lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 0st13lb(5.24%)
Hi Janet,
Glad you have enjoyed going back to Slimming World, how was your first week's loss? Hope you've done well.
I had a blip last weekend, I had cortisone injections in both knees last Thursday and had so much pain and horrible side effects for a couple of days I just couldn't cope with a full on diet as well, but then found it hard to get back on track afterwards. Doing ok so far since Tuesday, total weight loss is 9lb so going in the right direction!

My son lives in Prague and he and his wife are expecting their first baby next month, so we've booked to go over and see them a few weeks after the baby's born. I really want to have lost a chunk of weight before we go, as last time we went in November I struggled so much and would love it to be easier this time.

Solange, thanks for the info on PM. Good luck to you for losing the rest, you're doing great so far. A lot of people I know seem to do well on the 5:2.

Nicky xx

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