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Cant decide ?

You have to do this for yourself, you are going to find some people that disaprove, but at the end of the day you will be having 100% RDA of everything which most people don't, it's a healthier diet than just cutting down to hardly eating anything like many people do and getting ill.
I said to people that it's healthier than being over weight, high blood pressure, and all the other problems that go along side being fat!
good luck on deciding what you are going to do. x


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hi everyone I have been looking into vlcds for quite a while I've narrowed it down to exante but I am worried my fiancé and family won't approve, has anyone else had this problem? I keep going to exantes website to buy then I back out ?
Tisn't a matter of having other people's approval if it's what YOU want.... you have to decide what's best for you and your health. What will make the process more difficult though is not having the support of your friends/family etc. Doesn't make it impossible though. Maybe, decide what you want to do and then be aware of the reasons you made that decision so that you can argue your corner if/when you come up against negativity. I'm sure the people that love you will just want the best for you and for you to be happy. Good luck whatever you decide :)
Anyone who doesn't approve probably just doesn't understand the diet. Many people will pass it off as dangerous and/or stupid without even taking the time to find out more about it. The best thing to do is discuss it with the people that you feel you need to. You can explain more about the diet to them and help them to understand that it is safe to do and you ARE going to do it. :)

As others have said, you are doing this for you, but it is easier when you have the support of people around you.

It's acutally surprising that some people who are against it, suddenly want to know more (and even think of doing it themselves) once they see how well it works. ;)
If you are really overweight and truly need to be on a diet, then taking care of yourself is your first priority. Your health and wellbeing comes before what anyone else thinks of you. If your fiance doesn't approve, try really explaining to him how much this means to you. Maybe show him some articles about why this is a healthy option, or bring him with you to the doctor to talk about it. If you are gonna spend the rest of your life with this person, you have to be willing to stand up for yourself and share ideas with him and talk things out.

If his family doesn't approve, well, tough you-know-what. It's nice to get along with your in-laws, but they are not your parents and you're not 12. Your life is your life and if they are the rude type that always wants to criticize, better start learning now, how to let it roll off your back.

I hope your fiance is able to come around and help you make the decision you need to make. My partner was extremely skeptical, so I ordered a few extra packs and had him try some. Once he realized they are "real food" and saw all the vitamins listed on the back of the packets, he accepted the whole thing.
Talk to him and say how much it will mean to you losing weight using Exante. Sometimes people are skeptical coz they are ill informed. Show him our losses and how good we feel etc. Tell him you want that. Best wishes x

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