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can't do my third shake



Leahs Lightweights
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Are you on SS?

I think you really should try and have it as it has the nutrients that your body needs x


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My mum is doing LL & always feels rotten the next morning if she doesn't have her last shake. They have to have four!
Hi i've also felt that way ,4 weeks in, but like bunny said and my cdc said you must have all three.
Do you have the first 2 shakes within a short period of time between the 2 if so try and spread them out, so you feel you need the 3rd one. I have my first between 11 and 1, then my second between 4 and 5 and last between 8 and 9 . Hope this helps.


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make a hot chocolate or something honey. that way it doesn't feel like a shake. i've had to use this trick a few times... hot tetra or hot chocolate pack...

abz xx
Yep on SS, I have one in the morning and usually two on an evening.. I went out all day today and got back at 7pm... I had a black coffee while I was out and resisted the cakes in an m&s cafe... I will force it down I guess.. just don't want it.

thanks for the hot chocolate tip.. I have chocomint, so will try that, might use my milk allowance.
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This is why I couldn't do CD (my brother has done it though). I can't abide milkshakes!
I'm doing SS but I wanted a milk allowance so I decided with my CDC to have one.. I maybe have one skimmed latte a week... it's a big non-existant
S: 17st3lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 6st2lb(35.68%)
ha. well that would be a bit of a drawback :D

abz xx
Yeah. It's a shame because I know he has done so well on it. Can't even contemplate it at the moment though as I'm breastfeeding.
I tried, just can't do it.
Haven't tried the soups yet.. but the flavours didn't appeal to me much.. I'm not really a savory person.


Trying to stay positive..
unfortunately, since I am doing SS+, it sometimes happens that I only have 2 CD meals and the extra meal. It's because of the fact that I recently wake up really late, and go to sleep at 7am...:/ So I eat my first meal at 2pm, then sometime at 7-8pm (usually the extra meal), and then another CD meal at 11pm/12am. So I sometimes can't force myself to eat the 3rd meal:/ I know it's bad, but I can't help it...

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